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Hill Country Houses
November 21, 2014 in Regional Style | no comments

I recently read a lovely new ‘coffee table’ book “Hill Country Houses, Inspired Living in a Legendary Texas Landscape”. The book is by author Cyndy Severson, an Interior Designer,  who splits her time between Texas and Mexico.  It is filled with wonderful photos of homes in and around Austin, in the area known as the “Hill Country”.



The book is rich with room and detail photos, the majority of which I had not seen before in magazines or blogs.  It was really refreshing to see gorgeous interior and exterior photos of grand and small homes all with a unique architectural point of view.

Note: All photos courtesy of the Monticello Press


The best takeaway from the book for me, beyond the amazing pictures, was a very enjoyable read through the history of the architecture of the area.  I am not from Texas, so understanding the roots of Hill Country architecture was all new to me.

The book is broken into four style influences:

1) Spanish Colonial – influenced by the style of the missions in and around the San Antonio


Helmut Barnett's painting fills out this nook perfectly in our clients home. Photo from the book by Cyndy Severson, Hill Country Houses

2) Northern European Influence- architecture from the settlers of the area, predominately Germans

euro living

3) O’Neil Ford’s Legacy- The style and reach of architect O’Neil Ford, who focused on pure and simple design for longevity.

hch kitchen

4) Modernists & Renegades- a focus on modern design, especially in the Austin area, as younger, ‘hip’ families migrate to the area.

hch mod kitchen


The book is available now.  You can read additional reviews and purchase a copy here and here.  I hope you enjoy the learning lesson as much as I did!