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New Space Update!
November 02, 2012 in Commercial Office, Heather Scott Home & Design Store | 8 comments

Well, we are a mere 2 months behind schedule.  I guess all in all not so bad considering what we have achieved.  We just received our city permit for the water line on Thursday, so construction can begin.  That project should take about 4-5 weeks.  Then we (hopefully) get our certificate of occupancy followed by us moving everything in!

The interior is nearly finished.  Here are a few photos we just snapped:

Retail Store Interior:

retail interior, heather scott home and design, new location

Our carrara marble counters were just installed (love it!) as were the pendant lights hanging over the cash counter.  The beautiful built in on the back wall will hold all our hanging fabric swatches, leather samples, etc.

My design studio looks amazing.  I am ready to move in now!  The light fixtures were just hung and here are a couple pictures.

Conference room- beautiful oyster shell and crystal chandelier.  It looks very ‘weathered’ in person.  The project manager looked at me when we opened the box and said ‘You like that?’.  You bet I do!

heather scott home and design, light fixture in conference room

My lobby area has a ‘wow’ lantern that is huge! It really makes a statement.

new design studio lobby at Heather Scott Home & Design

This area is for the fabric and materials library.  If you could see my office now, you know we desperately need the shelves for all our materials.  I can’t wait to start organizing.  That cardboard is on the ground protecting the new wood floors.

heather scott home and design, fabric and materials library

My office is basically finished, even down to installing the hardware on the cabinets.  It may be looking like we went a bit overboard on the storage solutions, but trust me, we need it all!

heather's office at heather scott home and design

One thing everyone is excited about is the new kitchen.  We currently have our break area in the store room, which was never meant to be a kitchen!

We were on a budget in here, but still managed to find a really cool faucet at Home Depot and an affordable basket weave marble backsplash at the local tile store.  Since we had such a small counter and backsplash we were able to use some nicer materials.   I am going to buy some baskets for the open ‘pantry’ area, so each person can keep their personal items in one place.

new kitchen heather scott home and design

The exterior as of today.  The lot is getting repaved and should go a long way to really improving the exterior look.  We also have huge pots to put outside ready for trees to be planted.  Not sure December is the best time of year to be doing that, but C’est La Vie, right?

new exterior of heather scott home and design

As soon as we have the actual move in date nailed down I will be sure to let everyone know.  In the meantime, continue to come see us at the Arboretum!