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What to Consider When Picking Bold Paint Colors
September 25, 2020 in How-To | one comment

Bold colors can be intimidating to pick when you are dreaming up a paint plan for your home. It requires a commitment, but when done right it can add the perfect statement to a room. On today’s blog we have some of our top considerations when selecting a bold paint color in a room.

1. Consider the Accent Colors in the Room

If you are painting a room and need help narrowing down your desired color scheme, consider what colors you imagine in the space. From there it is best to select complimentary colors on the color wheel.

For example, blue and orange are complimentary colors as they are directly across from each other on the color wheel. If you have orange accents you already have or plan to incorporate, blue paint in the room can help these accents standout even more.

This study is painted in Benjamin Moore Phillipsburg Blue. It is the perfect backdrop to a room with gold finishes and pops of orange.

2. Consider Painting a Small Surface Area

If you are nervous about the impact of bold paint, we recommend experimenting with paint colors in a contained space. Even if you love it, you may get tired of it over time if it covers a whole room. Bold paint on smaller cabinetry pieces you might find in guest bath or powder are a fabulous way to introduce color. This bold lime green paint, Benjamin Moore Kiwi, is painted on the vanity cabinet versus the walls to contain it to a small space. It is unexpected and fun!

3. Consider the Mood/Functionality of the Room

It is also helpful to consider the mood or functionality a room should evoke when picking a bold paint color. For example, most times you will find dark bold colors in a media room as it is conducive to watching movies, etc. A children’s playroom or room may work better with brighter, happier bold colors. As more of us work from home, we may want a space with a bold, inviting color versus something too stark or dreary. Consider your personal preferences and time spent in these space to help direct your paint choices. This media room is painted in Benjamin Moore’s darky and moody Hale Navy.

4. Consider the Furnishings in the Room

If you are working with your existing furniture pieces or adding paint after selecting your main pieces, consider your color scheme and the furnishings you are using in the room. For example, in this playroom there will be pops of green throughout. We thought it would be a fun element to add a green built-in for something dramatic and bold. Here is a sneak peak of Benjamin Moore Clover Green on the built-ins.

Here is a preview of the furnishings selected for the room. The bold green paint will certainly pop in the space!

Bold paint colors aren’t for everyone, but if you take the leap it can certainly pay off with a unique and dramatic space. If you need help with a plan, our team can help. Start with our questionnaire to get started.