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Featured In: The Wall Street Journal
August 21, 2020 in As Featured On | no comments

We are excited to announce that we are published and featured in The Wall Street Journal. We were published in both online and in their print edition. You can view the full WSJ print article here. We will also touch on some of the article’s main points on today’s blog.

The article in the Mansion section of the WSJ is called “The Dream Home Is in the Details.” It spotlights what a dream home means in a global-pandemic world. The editors of The Wall Street Journal worked with house-centric websites to examine and identify the most popular images that users are clicking, liking, saving, and looking through to identify today’s top home trends. With more time (and specifically more time at home), people are focused on the details and are going to great lengths to plan out and seek inspiration for their dream homes.

The article touches on this year’s most popular trends that include high-contrast living spaces, brass adorned kitchens and defined office areas. It also lists the trends that people are veering away from like all-white kitchens, “acoustically-challenged” open floor plans, and “unequipped” outdoor spaces. There is also an increased interest in mixing and matching decor elements, rather than committing to a single style throughout the home.

Our Montana Dog House living room, which is featured in the article, is one of the most popular images on Houzz. Experts believe its popularity highlights the trend of living rooms with high-contrast blacks or blues, with wall colors in simple whites.

The article also discusses the obvious spotlight on home offices. Many are looking for well-lit spaces that can be sound-proofed and closed off from a living room via sliding or pocket doors versus setting up a spare bedroom into a home office as an afterthought. Homeowners are also interested in creating separate spaces within a living room. Families are requesting two or more nooks to accommodate quiet areas for everyone in the home, including children who need a space to do classwork.

Utilitarian spaces like mudrooms, laundry rooms, and walk-in pantries are also of increased interest. Selections like daring wallpaper, thoughtfully selected lighting, and interesting floor tiles help make these spaces feel more playful. With more time spent in these spaces, people want them to be both functional and beautiful.

Kitchens are “getting more down-to-earth.” Today’s most popular kitchens incorporate soft greens or browns with wood accents that complement brass fixtures and hardware. There is also an increased popularity of two or three tone kitchens, whereas an all-white kitchen is less popular.

Lastly, the pandemic has influenced the outside of a dream home too. The patio and deck are viewed as just another room in the home. Covered cooking areas, fire pits with comfortable seating, and dining areas that make it easier to relax or work outside are popular for those planning their dream home. They also want easy to open walls that create indoor-outdoor spaces that bring in fresh air and make it easier to entertain.

As our goals and values change, so do the ideas and characteristics of a dream home. Here is the link to the full feature. If you need help creating and planning your own dream home, start with our questionnaire to introduce us to your project and goals.