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Wellness and Healing with Sight from an Interior Designer’s Perspective
May 15, 2020 in Inspiration | no comments

As podcasts, virtual meetings, and presentations have proven to be a positive way to connect from a distance, we were thrilled when we were asked to present virtually for the Metropolitan International Center Academy of Miami (MICA) and their Wellness/Mindfulness class. The MICA campuses are located in the artsy neighborhoods of Downtown Miami. One of our team’s interior designers, Charissa, presented on the topic of healing with sight from an interior designer’s perspective. In the presentation, she touched on how science, color, and psychology play a role in interior design and help create a comforting and welcoming space. She did such a fabulous job that we wanted to share it as a blog post. Let’s dive in!

What brings you comfort?

During these times, everyone is looking for comfort. Whether it be through baking, shopping, eating comfort foods, or connecting with friends/family to find more comfort at home through the objects that surround us.

Our home is supposed to:
• Provide shelter
• Reflect our personality
• Provide security
• Provide a sense of belonging
Now we are using our home in even more ways- as an office, school, and gym.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui translates into “wind” and “water.” The philosophy is a practice of looking at our living spaces and working environment and striking a
balance with the natural world. This concept is derived from an ancient poem about human life being connected and flowing with the environment around it.

Remember these principles when implementing feng shui at home:
• Design with intention
• Be mindful of your environment
• Slow down in your space

How do your surroundings feel? Is your space balanced?

The concept of “healing environments” commonly relates to health care. Science, psychology, and studies of behavior can tell us significant information about an aesthetic experience. It is human nature to want and need certain things in our living spaces. People respond to their surroundings subconsciously. What we sense through sight, hearing, touch, and smell factors into this response. Our brains constantly process information, seek cognitive stimulation, and look for patterns to try and create order.

What causes stress in a home?
• Too much emptiness
• Spaces that are disorganized or chaotic
• Loud noises

What relieves stress in a home?
• The right temperature of lighting boosts our circadian rhythm
and helps us sleep better at night.
• Texture is very important to calm the mind since the act of
looking at something is the same as interacting with it.
• Nature promotes healing and has therapeutic effects on
people, reduces stress and mental fatigue. (Even houseplants
and listening to the sounds of water have positive effects on mood.)

Did you know artwork has a direct impact on your mood?
Research shows there is a link between art and the brains reaction to pain, anxiety, and stress. For example, in healthcare settings, nature scenes have been linked to a patient’s lowered perceived pain. It also helps patients socialize more, feel less restless, and more relaxed. On the other hand, patients respond negatively to abstract imagery with no concise meaning, sharp edges, blurred photography, winter scenes, and muted colors because it evokes feelings of loneliness.

To promote health and wellness, images of nature, colorful art, and positive
faces help patients have a sense of vitality, optimism, and calm. Here are a few images from one of our healthcare projects in which nature scenes were used on the walls.

What colors do you have in your bedroom?

Colors contribute to your health. The psychological properties of
some of the major colors are as follows:

  1. Red raises blood temperature and stimulates circulation; it is good
    for people with anemia, fatigue, and paralysis.
  2. Blue is soothing, symbolizes the sky and sea. Lowers the heart
    rate, giving the body quiet time to heal itself from tension, stress,
    insomnia, high blood pressure, and skin irritation.
  3. Yellow is used to aid digestion as well as liver and intestines. This
    color acts as a cleanser for the body.
  4. Green creates balance and harmony within the body and is
    especially good for heart and blood problems.
  5. Orange gives vitality to the body through the kidneys, urinary
    tract, and reproductive organs.
  6. Purple is associated with the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. It calms
    the nervous system and helps with head congestion and sinuses.
  7. Pink is a healing color. Soft, natural pink tones calm and nurture
    our being.

This information was sourced from LA Healthcare Design Inc.

The Psychology of Color

Here are some other characteristics of popular colors and how they impact psychology and well-being.

Oranges and yellows offer so many positive qualities. Oranges can balance the right amount of relaxation and energy. Bright yellows are uplifting and are associated with happiness and optimism. Muted yellows are airy and relaxing. Reds are dramatic and energizing.

This playroom mixes all of the best of these blue and green shades. Lime green adds a burst of energy to a room. It is versatile and refreshing or inviting depending on how you use it. Turquoise brings stability and peace to a room. Cool blues are so popular for homeowners as it offers a serene environment. It brings a sense of comfort and an inviting feel to a home. Deep blues like sapphire bring in a powerful statement.

Purples offer a refreshing and lively look. Grays are a popular netural as it allows other colors to shine.

Bold pinks are bright and vivid and suggest energy and glamour.

There is no doubt that our spaces deeply affect us physically, emotionally, psychologically, and energetically. While color and furniture trends come and go, we all know how we want our homes to feel. Thinking of design from a perspective of wellness and what makes us comfortable is timeless and authentic. Let our team help make your home the haven you want it to be. Start with our questionnaire to get your design project started.