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What’s New Wednesday: Top MasterClass Takeaways
April 08, 2020 in Uncategorized, What's New Wednesday | no comments

As our team continues to work from home, we are also using our extra time to dive into inspiring content from podcasts, articles, books, and more. One of the courses we have taken is Kelly Wearstler’s MasterClass on Interior Design. Her class has inspiring takeaways that we wanted to share with you today. We believe these tips are useful for anyone who wants their home and surroundings to feel like an extension of themselves and their personal style. As Wearstler says in the class, good design is a reflection of who we are and it helps us live and feel better. On today’s What’s New Wednesday we have listed our top 3 takeaways from this interior design focused MasterClass.

  • Finding inspiration and how to incorporate it into your interiors.

In the MasterClass, Kelly talks about inspiration and how to find it. One way to spark inspiration is to channel your curiosity. Are you inspired by travel, nature, art or fashion? Once you have a better understanding of what inspires you, it is much easier to build on it and train your eye. Your source of inspiration can also be found in what you like to collect. In your home, showcase your collections or start collecting to find inspiration. In this design project, our clients love to collect art from their travels abroad. An art piece from their trip to Positano informed the color story and overall look of this family room.

In our Twist on Traditional project, art collected on travels inspired the color palette of this home.

Kelly shared a few of her own sources of design inspiration. One example is her collection of stones, which include gemstones and minerals. Her collection is the inspiration for the furniture pieces, lighting and accessories that she has designed. Additionally, she finds inspiration through the women in her life (like her mother and grandmother) and their fashion. A fond memory was her love of their collection of jewelry and scarves. Now she continues to use vintage scarves or textiles that she finds on travels around the world to inspire color schemes. She also uses the inspiration to curate the color palette in her own fabric/wallcovering line. Do you have a collection? What inspires your choices and tastes?

The lighting featured in this award-winning kitchen are from Wearstler’s lighting collection. They are available in 3 different finishes. This pendant is 11″ W x 11″ D x 18″ H (minimum 32″ custom height) and each sells for $695.
  • Materials in design are always evolving.

Keep an open mind! When designing a project, lay out all of your materials. Something beautiful can be created within the chaos. Don’t be afraid to take risks. For example, mixing metals adds interest and character. Also, mother nature is the best designer. If you look at marble slabs, each stone is so unique and no two are alike.

  • Find creative solutions to limitations.

Function and comfort give us a sense of place while diversification keeps things interesting. If things are functional, we perform better. Good lighting can enhance a task or create a different experience. As the saying goes, “when you look good, you feel good.” Also, play with visual trickery. For example, mirrors reflect light and enlarge a space.

In this piano room, a pair of oversized mirrors create the illusion of a larger space.

Kelly Wearstler’s lighting, fabrics, and wallcoverings can all be ordered through our shop. In our downtime, it is energizing to focus on the things and people that we love and inspire us. Tell us what inspires your choices and tastes. Also, on Friday’s blog we will reveal our HGTV Magazine feature! It is a bright and cheerful feature to take us into the Easter weekend. Be sure not to miss it!