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What’s New Wednesday: Preserved Moss in Stone Bowl Centerpiece
November 20, 2019 in What's New Wednesday | no comments

In need of a centerpiece before Thanksgiving? Our preserved moss in a stone bowl can serve as the perfect centerpiece. Here are details on the preserved moss bowl you will find in our store now.

Our round potted moss centerpiece adds a certain softness to a space that we love. The light stone finish on the bowl adds to its allure.

The bowl can be used alone on a round breakfast table or paired with other accessories on a coffee table for an earthy aesthetic. Custom built in Charlotte, NC, the preserved moss centerpieces add earthiness, greenery and texture to any room they call home.

The stone bowl with lush green moss is 18 W x 18 D x 7 H and sells for $499.99.

Our preserved moss centerpieces require minimal effort to care for. To preserve the beauty and life of your centerpiece, keep the greenery away from direct sunlight or high humidity areas. A can of compressed air can occasionally be used to blow off any dust. Proper care will allow your arrangement to last for years!

As a reminder we will close early next week on Wednesday, November 27th at 1 pm. We will be also closed Thursday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th so that our team can celebrate Thanksgiving with family and loved ones.