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A Weekend of Design Inspiration in NYC, Hosted by Brizo
September 20, 2019 in Uncategorized | no comments

In case you missed it, Charissa was invited by the Brizo team to experience a weekend of design inspiration during New York Fashion Week. She was part of a select group of interior designers to experience this event as an industry leader in the design community. She was joined by distinguished designers from across the country, representing a dynamic variety of perspectives and styles. Follow along as we dive into Charissa’s fun-filled weekend!

Charissa had the opportunity to join the Brizo brand and learn more about its ‘Living Fashion’ philosophy during sessions that explored current trends and design inspiration. She also got to take part in the excitement of NYFW, which included being able to attend the Jason Wu Spring/Summer 2020 Runway Show and After-party.

“It’s about the moment not the dresses” –Jason Wu

Jason Wu’s runway show was a remarkable experience on Pier 37! Every detail was well-thought out. From the pots of dried flowers lining the runway, to the floral aroma when you walked to your seats, and the New York skyline view, his hard work certainly showed off through the execution of his beautiful works of art.

Fashion really takes on a transformative power when you can project a different or better version of yourself!

Why New York Fashion Week you ask? The Brizo brand is known for expanding the boundaries and borders of inspiration. “Fashion forward meets forward thinking,” is their motto. The weekend was a chance to think creatively and be inspired by New York and its surroundings. One of the inspiration excursions was a trip to The Met. We were given a unique private tour that showcased fashion throughout history and the Camp exhibit. If you recall, Camp was the theme of this year’s Met Gala. What an experience!

The tour showcased the history and meaning behind Camp. Here are a couple of our favorite views!

The French meaning for Camp is “to flaunt” or “to posture” and it resonated throughout the exhibit. Camp is also about being generous and ironic. The outfits are meant to make you smile and aren’t supposed to be taken seriously.

Her stay at the Kimpton Eventi Hotel in Chelsea was amazing! All of the designers were surprised when the hotel engineer changed out everyone’s shower faucet on the second day so that they could try Brizo’s h2O kinetic technology. Decent showers were elevated to spa-like lathers.

During our business sessions, we were able to learn more about the Brizo brand and get a sneak peek at the exciting products they will soon be releasing. We can’t wait to use their elegant kitchen and bath products in our clients’ homes!

The Brizo team was very open to gaining insight and feedback regarding their new and current collections. Their mission is to go to great lengths to improve the functionality of their products. Brizo’s defining characteristics are:

  1. Distinctive design
  2. Artful craftsmanship
  3. Inspired innovation
  4. Luxury with a conscience

To finish off the weekend, we were given a VIP photo session with The Cannon Media Group and renowned photographer, Olivia Graham. What a treat! We were given the royal “model” treatment with hair and makeup.

Charissa was so grateful to be surrounded by other inspiring designers from all over the country with varying styles. A huge thank you to the Brizo team for putting together a memorable weekend that she will cherish forever!