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What’s New Wednesday: Wallpaper Motifs and Trends
August 28, 2019 in What's New Wednesday | no comments

There are so many fabulous wallpapers to choose from that it can be hard to pick just one. When we have a client or customer that is interested in wallpaper, it is always a fun project to source an item that has the potential to transform the entire personality of a space. Whether you are looking to create a serene retreat, a glam moment, a bold look, or simply something whimsical for a child’s room, there are so many options you can bring into your home.

We always encourage clients to have a little fun with smaller spaces like a powder bath or guest bedroom. You can get away with bolder colors, prints, and other unexpected details that you may not want in your main spaces.  Thoughtful details like wallpaper can turn an ordinary room into a jewel-box of a space that will leave you and your guests delighted.

In today’s blog, we are highlighting some of our favorite trends for wallpaper motifs. All of our examples today come from a wallpaper maker that has such a fun mix of wallpapers at an accessible price point. We have curated a list of our top picks from this company with categories that include whimsical, glam, nature-inspired, and options that are perfect for a kid’s room.

Whimsical Papers

Wallpapers of the whimsical variety are some of the most fun options to introduce into a space. They are unexpected and introduce such a playful element into a home. Even if your tastes are buttoned up and tailored, give at least one room in your home a dose of whimsy. Whimsical prints incorporate darling colors, unique motifs, or a blend of the two.

In this wallpaper below, it has a soft mix of blush and neutrals. It would make such a statement in a powder bath!

This delicate paper introduces a pretty fan-like pattern with shimmering pearlescent gold. It is both subtle and striking. It would be a chic addition if it was added into built-ins.

This vintage-inspired floral motif feels fresh with a modern palette of pastels. It would certainly be a darling accent on any wall it graces.

Art deco, shimmer, bold detailing, and metallics are some of the main characteristics we look for when sourcing a glam wallpaper. We tend to keep our selections more timeless and tasteful, but the proper amount of shimmer and glamour can make a space look texture-rich and sophisticated. You can find neutral shimmer wallpapers or colorful ones depending on your design scheme.

We love the neutral look of the paper below. It is soft, but still has a lot of elegant texture and richness to it’s look.

This paper with gold leaf palm fronds is such a unique wallpaper. How stunning would it be with a gold mirror and dramatic sconces?

Kids Room
Designing a kid’s room should be fun and the result should have that same fun feeling! Whether your child’s room has a theme or not, wallpaper adds a unique, playful decorative element to it. The wallpapers below would add such a sweet moment to any kid’s room.

The wallpaper below in a soft blush with gold birds would be darling in a girl’s room or nursery. It would transition with ease from a nursery to a more grown-up space.

This starry night wallpaper is perfect for a child’s room because it focuses on space and exploration. It is rich in color and can envelope a wall or ceiling with so much character. 

We imagine this painterly bunny paper in a sophisticated nursery with a neutral palette. The mix of sage green and neutrals in this print is both classic and elegant.

This nautical wallpaper takes us to a maritime dream-world. It is a very specific motif and theme, but the mix of turquoise and orange feels fresh and new.

Nature Inspired Prints

Nature inspired botanical prints can add a breath of fresh air to a space, while helping create a light and airy ambience to a home. These prints can feel exotic and serene. They are very popular right now.

These first two options are bold and punchy. We incorporated a similar print in a beach house bathroom and it is stunning in person. It is even one of our favorite rooms in the whole home!

Here is the link to this wallpaper.

You can also find more subtle variations of botanical print wallpapers. We happen to love this palm wallpaper with a shimmering hint of golden copper. It looks super sharp with navy as shown below.

Wallpaper can envelope a space with a distinct style and personality. Follow the links to shop any of these papers or stop in to peruse the wallpaper options we have in our shop. For more guidance, we are happy to help. What is your wallpaper style?