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2019 ASID Legacy of Design Awards
August 16, 2019 in As Featured On | no comments

Last Friday, Raquel attended the 2019 Legacy of Design Awards in Dallas. This is an annual event which provides awards for the best interior design concepts in the state of Texas. We are happy to announce that we won in two categories! We won 2nd place in the “Best Interior Design in the Retail” category for our work at Wendy Wells Jewelry Store and 2nd place for “Best Interior Design for a Kitchen (>$50,000). We have previewed photos of these winning projects below.

Retail: Wendy Wells Jewelry Store (Second Place Winner)

When a local jewelry designer decided to take the leap of faith to grow her business and open her first retail storefront, she contacted our team to transform her rented bungalow into a jewel of a retail space. As a first-time shop owner she wanted to establish a brand on a conservative budget, so we selected cost conscious options and upcycled pieces to give her shop an inviting, memorable, and eclectic feel.  

We will preview some of the photo’s today, but we will share more photos of this project in the coming weeks.

Kitchen (>$50,000): Ranch Home Kitchen Remodel (Second Place Winner)

A dated 1980s ranch home is remodeled and modernized with an open concept, clean lines and timeless interior finishes. The remodel and design for this project required extensive and detailed planning to transform the dark, cramped layout of this home. Despite structural issues and setbacks, this Texas ranch home’s dated kitchen was transformed into an eye-catching example of pragmatic functionality.

Just as we previewed Wendy Wells Jewelry Store, we will wait to reveal more of this project on future blog posts. If you love before and afters, this is a project to keep your eye out for. The transformation is very dramatic!

This year’s event had a very casual theme, but it was a fun way to celebrate these two very special projects. Here is a photo of Raquel and Wendy (owner of Wendy Wells Jewelry) with some of their dear friends after the event.

Congratulations to all of the winners at this year’s Legacy of Design Awards!