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Apartment Staging: The Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Model Merchandising
May 31, 2019 in Commercial Office | no comments

Imagine walking into an apartment you want to rent and it is empty. There is nothing in the rooms except bare walls and a blank canvas. While some people make the mistake of thinking the open space is ideal, this is most often not the case. A prospective tenant may actually feel overwhelmed at the thought of envisioning their life in the space and figuring out if the floor plan is functional.

Now, imagine walking into a furnished unit that is arranged to look lived-in and thoughtfully designed. You get to see an ideal living room layout for your beloved sofa and the different bed sizes that can fit into the bedrooms. The design is relatable to your style, and every space has a purpose that goes with your existing furniture or lifestyle. That is because staging does two things:

1. Helps prospective tenants see all possibilities in the space.
2. Allows the property manager to accent key amenities/features and provide a solution for undesirable areas.

Property managers look to designers and merchandisers to stage the model unit in the most attractive way possible. Sounds like an easy enough job to do, but this doesn’t mean running to the nearest Target or Home Goods to fill the space.


There are a lot of factors to consider when staging a model unit. The first is the size of the unit and the demographic. Appropriately staged furniture and lighting are keys to making small spaces feel larger. Depending on the size of the apartment complex, it is ideal to furnish a one bedroom and a two bedroom model that showcases a feminine and masculine look for a wide appeal. Once a unit gets leased, the furniture gets moved into another unit that isn’t leasing as quickly.

Naturally, the location of the apartment and surrounding area amenities can become the jumping off point for design inspiration or even a good marketing tool in the overall design style. Incorporating local art and accessories that are relatable to the prospective tenant are additional details that won’t go unnoticed. Additionally, to make a model unit stand out is to create a cohesive color scheme. Color is an easy way to evoke a memory quickly so make sure it’s new and fresh.

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