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4 Tips on How You Can Make Your Rented Space Feel More Like Home
November 30, 2018 in As Featured On | no comments

Renting is on the rise in Austin. In rented spaces, there are obvious design hurdles you might face. You obviously can’t renovate or make drastic changes to a rental that you may only call home for a few months or years. However, there are easy tweaks you can make to your rental that make it feel a little more upgraded or customized to your style. This week on KXAN’s Studio 512 Raquel shared some of our tips on how you can make your rented space feel a little more like home. In case you missed the segment, here is the link to the video. We have also rounded up our tips for you on today’s blog.

When renting an apartment or home you may not like the floors, finishes, or other details. However, there are easy tweaks and details that can make your place feel more customized.

1. Focus on Vignettes

When styling an apartment or a small home, no space should be wasted. Each display should be beautiful and functional. Create small vignettes throughout your home that showcase your interests and personality. Bringing in those personal elements can make any space feel like home. These, of course, are tips you can carry anywhere you live, but is especially important to keep in mind for rented spaces as you want this space to feel like you even though it is only temporary.

Details matters and the way you style a home can make all the difference. We love trays and boxes as a way to keep your vignettes organized. For example, think of using trays in your kitchen to display fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Or trays on a dresser to display your jewelry or fragrances.

2. Update Your Walls

Paint can make all the difference in a space. Many properties or rentals will allow you to paint your walls. If you opt to paint, paint a full space rather than an accent wall for maximum impact. If you just want an accent, there are tons of fun removable/peel and stick wallpaper options that can really upgrade your space. From more glamorous graphic prints to faux shiplap or brick, bring in a wallpaper that reflects your personal style and will compliment your existing pieces. We found so many fun peel and stick, removable wallpaper options on at Home Depot and Target. Most retailers have options that are online only and the price points range from $30-60 a roll.

We like this graphic print in an off-white and gold colorway. Here’s an image of it online and link to where it can be purchased. This product is can be found online only.


3. Customize the Cabinets

Rented spaces can have dated cabinetry and drab finishes, especially in a kitchen. If you want a more open concept look in your kitchen, remove the doors for the popular open shelving look. If you want an easier update, we recommend replacing your bathroom and kitchen hardware, with something more stylish and custom. Shops like Anthrophologie, CB2, or online shops like Etsy have lots of fun options to choose from. Small details like this can make a big impact in a space. These lucite and brass cabinet knobs can offer a chic update to a bathroom or kitchen. They can be purchased here. They are also a great price point!


4. Layer Your Rugs

Now if you dislike the floors in your rented space, you can cover them up with stylish rugs! We like the idea of layering rugs. You can order a large oversized sisal or natural fiber rug to take up the majority of your floor space and layer brighter, more interesting rugs on top for added color and texture. We like this layered option because these natural fiber rugs like sisal and jute tend to be less expensive than other rugs.  Rugs can be more of an investment, but they can easily move with you from home to home.

If you want to cover as much of the floor as possible, here is an example of a layered wool rug on top of a larger sisal rug.

Here is also an example of a hide rug layered on top of a larger natural fiber rug. This is great way to incorporate a hide rug into any space.

If you are currently renting you can make easy, inexpensive tweaks to your space so that it better suits you and your tastes. For help updating your space, stop by our shop or give our team a call at 512-342-6899.