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Must-See Media Spaces
August 24, 2018 in Uncategorized | no comments

We have quite the dramatic ‘Before and After’ post planned of a traditional dining room turned into moody, sleek media room that we are excited to share with you next week. But before we share this new project with you, we want to ‘preview’ it with some of our past media room projects that are just as functional and fabulous.

Media rooms can be the main space a family lives in day-to-day. It is a place to relax, entertain, binge watch your favorite television show, or follow your beloved sports team/sport. This space needs to be comfortable and functional, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be attractive too! Beyond A/V equipment, a media space needs to be inviting with plenty of comfy seating, soft textiles, and moody lighting. You also need thoughtful storage to hide electronics and equipment.

Here are some of our favorite media rooms through the years that provide the perfect moving-watching experience.

Fort Worth Georgian

This Georgian style home is filled with cheerful colors and whimsical details. The media room is no exception. This Fort Worth family wanted their media room to be happy and colorful with plenty of plush seating. The custom built in with wallpaper gives the space even more fun and personality.

Mueller Urban Townhome

This media space in the hip and developed Mueller area is a moody alternative to the other spaces in the home. Rich velvet blue draperies cover the windows and doors to provide the perfect movie-watching lighting and set-up. Also, rather than install a built-in wall unit, we installed two media cabinets side by side to fill the space. This is a great design solution as extra long media cabinets can be hard to find.

Westlake Hacienda

The media room in our Westlake Hacienda project is a cozy and casual place for the whole family to hang out and enjoy. Family friendly fabrics and pops of blue makes the space feel inviting and approachable.

Brushy Creek 

In this project, we updated a traditional ‘man cave’ into a media space that felt much more modern, polished and handsome. The man of the house now has a space that he can feel comfortable in and call his own. But with such a stylish space, the rest of the family will feel just as comfortable hanging out here too.

If you have a media room that you want to make center stage this year, our team can help. Start with this questionnaire and then we can discuss your project goals. Also, don’t forget to stay tuned in as we ‘premiere’ our next ‘Before and After’ post next Friday!