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What’s New Wednesday: Textured Blue Vases
August 08, 2018 in What's New Wednesday | no comments

We have new accessories in the store and today we will highlight one of these new home decor items with you. Our new glass bottle vases are a pretty blue-green color with an added ivory textured glaze on top. Each vase varies in tone and texture, which gives them a lovely handmade, artisan appeal.

There are 3 vase sizes available. The large size is 5″W x 5″D x 8″ H and sells for $54.99. The medium size is 4″W x 4″D x 6″ H and sells for $49.99. The small size vase is 4″W x 4″D x 5″H and sells for $44.99. The vases can add charm, texture and color to a space.

Here’s a view of the color and applied texture on the blue-green vases. 

Fill your home with special items like these textured vases! Next week we will share more unique items with you.