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Before & After: ‘Modern Cottage’ Sunroom
July 28, 2017 in Before & After | no comments

If there is anything that central Texas has plenty of this time of year that would be sun and heat! We just installed the perfect project for summertime, a cottage style sunroom in La Grange, TX, a town in between Houston and Austin. The new sunroom is perfect for the homeowner and her teenage son to enjoy beyond summer once the temperatures cool. With plenty of natural light and space, we wanted the decor to capture that same light and airy feeling.


The homeowner used this backroom as breakfast seating and overflow seating. With so many windows and lush views, the room could accommodate a lot more seating than the current layout allowed. Also, even though there were a lot of windows, the room felt heavy and not very welcoming.

The room held a round breakfast table and pair of bobbin chairs. There was a lot of empty space in the room without a clear flow from the kitchen and main living space.


The new sunroom fits the homeowner’s design needs and feels so much brighter. With a mix of aged and current finishes, the sunroom now has a cool, modern cottage feel.  Our homeowner’s inspiration pictures were an eclectic mix of vintage, antique and farmhouse blended with a dose of organic, modern and comfortable.  A departure from our typical style, but we were happy to do it!

To make the room feel ‘cottage-y’ we sourced a light slipcovered sofa, jute rug, and rattan furniture to give a cozy lived in look and feel.

Since the room is covered in windows, a floating art piece gives a focal point to the room and blocks a large pillar that you see when you look into the room.

The pair of relaxed leather sling chairs amp up the sophistication of the room and make the room feel modern.

By moving the larger breakfast table out of the room, there is enough room for a conversational seating. However, we did not want the homeowner to lose her favorite spot to enjoy a cup of coffee.

We fit a small rustic table and chairs in the corner so that the backroom could have multipurpose use.

We also wanted to use real plants in this space. There is plenty of sunlight for them to acquire the care and attention they need. The tapered concrete planters keep the space feeling modern and refined. They are tall enough to add height and slim enough to not overpower the room.

Indoor plants purify the air and offer a lot of other appealing benefits, but they also add the perfect dose of color to a primarily neutral space. We used a mix of caladium (pinkish hue), Japanese yew, philodendron and Boston ferns to fill the concrete planters.

We moved the pair of bobbin chairs to another room and replaced them with a rattan settee.

Adjacent to the settee is a designated bar area, which was one of the homeowner’s main requests for the space.  We styled the floating shelves with her collected barware and other spirits. The wood and iron console can display up to 42 bottles. The room is a now a cozy place for the homeowner and her girlfriends to share a bottle of wine and relax.

The only thing left to do is to fill the console with her favorite bottles of wine!  This is an easy-going, comfortable retreat at the back of the house that the homeowner, her family and guests should be able to enjoy for all types of occasions!