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What’s New Wednesday: Art on Canvas and Framed Art
June 07, 2017 in What's New Wednesday | no comments

Our new canvas and framed art offer a mix of mediums and materials for a true style statement. When decorating your walls, it is important to have a consistent flow without being repetitious. Today’s blog shares some of our new art that will give your walls the attention they deserve.

Our new grey framed barkskin in a fun geometric pattern has a quiet confidence. It stands outs, but does not need to be the star of the room.  It can be mixed in with a gallery wall or hang alone.

Barkskin papers are handmade and dyed so no two are exactly alike. The barkskin is made in a variety of shapes and colors. You can also select different sizes and your choice of frame. Our handmade barkskin is framed in a lovely champagne finish.  It is 32 W x 40 H and sells for $439.99.

Next, our tree crosscut artwork presents the natural material in a sleek, modern way. A crosscut is a cut across the wood grain, which showcases the wood’s unique detailing. Our framed tree crosscut is stamped with a silver metallic foil. The silver pops against a black canvas and a pewter frame. It is 26 W x 39 H and sells for $379.99.

Here is a close-up of the tree crosscut in silver leaf.

Finally, our art on canvas with a washed color palette of pastels offers a serene and calming view.

The canvas art piece can be ordered in different sizes and can be framed. ‘Soft Scape’ is 40 W x 32 H and sells for $349.99.

Give your walls some interest with our new art. Need a different size or more options? Email our team for help!