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What’s New Wednesday: Nest Liquidless Diffusers
April 19, 2017 in What's New Wednesday | no comments

When one of our favorite home fragrance lines, Nest Fragrances, announced they were introducing a new and innovative way to enjoy their signature scents we knew we had to experience it for ourselves! After a much anticipated release date, we are happy to announce that we have the Nest Liquidless Diffuser available for sale in our store now! After testing it ourselves, we must say it is worth the wait and excitement.

Nest Fragrances new Liquidless Diffuser is a ‘first of its kind’ innovation that allows you to enjoy their award-winning scents without flame or liquid. They are spill proof and maintenance free! The diffuser features Nest’s patent pending ScentSticks, which have been infused with pure fragrance oils for a continuous release of their signature scents.

The Nest Liquidless Diffuser allows you to control the intensity of the fragrance based on your room size and preference. For example, in smaller rooms or for a subtle scent, 2 sticks are recommended to be place in the sleek open-air vessel. In a moderate size room and moderate scent, use 3 sticks. For a large room or for more intense fragrance, use 4. To increase the fragrance diffusion, add a stick every 30 days. Depending on usage, each stick should diffuse fragrance for approximately 90 days.

The ScentSticks are made from sustainable materials and once finished the sticks are completely biodegradable and compostable. For an optimal experience, keep the sticks away from vents and windows. It is also recommended to use the custom-designed, open vessel for your Liquidless Diffuser since it is designed to promote a continuous airflow for an “uninterrupted scent experience.”

We currently have Bamboo and Grapefruit scents available. Each Nest Liquidless Diffuser set sells for $60, which includes the open air vessel and 5 ScentSticks. Stop by today to try and, of course, smell this fabulous new product!