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Decorating Your Home with a Cowhide Rug
April 14, 2017 in As Featured On, Home Furnishings, Uncategorized | no comments

If you scroll through Pinterest/Instagram or flip through design magazines, you are bound to find that many stylish spaces incorporate a hide rugs. They are more popular than ever as they work with a variety of design styles. Whether your home is traditional or modern, a hide rug with the right coloring and detail can give your space warmth and texture. On this week’s ‘Studio 512’, Heather shared with host Amanda Tatom, a list of her favorite tips when incorporating hide rugs into your home. You can read Heather’s tips for hide rugs below or watch the segment on NBC’s, KXAN here.

1. Brighten up your room 

Neutral hide rugs like grey, ivory, and champagne can lighten and brighten an entire room and give it a fresh look. Hide rugs with patterns printed on them (i.e. zebra, brindle, exotic) offer a great alternative for contrast and texture.

2. Layer up

Layering hide rugs can bring life to an existing neutral area rug. Placing the hide rug under a seating area can ground the space.  They also look great under acrylic tables for an added ‘pop.’ For an affordable option, try layering a hide rug over natural fiber rugs like sisal and jute.

3. Incorporate a variety of shapes and sizes

You can go for a distinctive organic hide shape or a clean and simple standard rug with hair on hide patterns. Depending on the space there are varying sizes from medium (6’ x 6’), large (6’ x 7.5’), and extra large (6.5’ x 7.5’). Hide rugs can be placed and moved into any space easily. Feel free to off-center the hide as well.

4. Stylish yet functional

Hide rugs are good for high traffic areas like an entry way, study, and living room. Naturally stain resistant, they are easy to maintain and perfect for families and pets. Vacuum as needed, if a stain should occur, mild soap & warm water should do the trick. We usually recommend rotating hide rugs every 3 months in high traffic areas.

We love stopping by the Studio 512 set and hope you enjoyed these tips! Visit us in our retail store to see our collection of hide rugs or email us at for more information.