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What’s New Wednesday: Succulents
March 08, 2017 in What's New Wednesday | no comments

When accessorizing or styling your home, greenery can give your home the perfect finishing touch. In our store, we have a variety of custom succulent arrangements that will give your home an earthy and effortless appeal. In recent years, succulents have grown in popularity due to their variety in shape, color, and size. Also, they require little care. Our new succulents are especially low-maintenance in that they are all artificial, but that doesn’t take away from their decorative charm.

For the minimalist or modern home, our succulents in square concrete can be added to built-ins, coffee tables or consoles. They are simple and understated, but offer just enough greenery to make a modern home feel a little less cold. It measures 8.5 w x 8.5 D x 7 H and sells for $129.99.

For the transitional or bohemian home, our succulents in a woven basket are a playful and casual option. They would look perfect as a statement in an entry or in a laid-back living room. The dimensions are 14 W x 14 D x 23.5 H and sells for $239.99.

Also, our succulents in a reclaimed wood trough is also suitable for a home that is more laid-back. The lighter finish offers a more relaxed look. It can also brighten a space since the container is nearly white. The arrangement is 22 W x 10 D x 8 H and sells for $389.99.

For the transitional or traditional home, our succulents in vintage tofu buckets are timeless and sophisticated. Each custom arrangement is unique and the planters vary in color tone. The dark buckets pair especially well with a home that has rich and warm tones. Below are few different styles we have available.

This custom-designed succulent arrangement is a bold centerpiece. It is 16 W x 16 D x 25 H and sells for $299.99.

Our succulents in a smaller tofu bucket sells for $159.99. The dimensions are 12 W x 14 D x 22 H.

Visit our store to see even more styles. If you need assistance accessorizing your home, let our team help you!