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What’s New Wednesday: Driftwood Sculptures
February 22, 2017 in What's New Wednesday | no comments

When styling your home, it is best to mix in a variety of pieces to give your home a collected, effortless feel. You will find that the most interesting homes mix in natural elements, like driftwood, to add earthy tones and texture to the interior. Driftwood accents can give your home a touch of coastal flair without being too kitschy or obvious. Our new driftwood sculptures on metal stands are striking art pieces without even a touch of pretense.

As they are found in nature, each sculpture we have in the store varies in tone, style and size. They are truly one-of-a kind and no piece can ever be replicated. The warmth of the weathered wood is also appealing.  The driftwood piece shown above is $169.99. It is 10 W x 6 D x 22 H.  Below is a close-up of the driftwood.

The driftwood sculptures can serve as a centerpiece or be used as a substantial shelf accessory. The piece on the left measures 26 w x 10 D x 12 H and sells for 159.99. The piece on the right is 23 W x 9 D x 9 H and sells for 149.99.

The sculptures have a more masculine feel as they are sturdy, substantial, and rugged in design. When mixed with other luxe accessories it can tone down the sparkle and make a space look casual and sophisticated. The driftwood piece below is 18 W x 9 D x 17 H and sells for $149.99.

Looking for more earthy inspiration? Below are some examples of how you can use weathered wood elements in your home.

In this project, a large driftwood piece serves as the centerpiece of a dining room buffet. It pairs well with the light, airy dining space. 

The gnarled wood in the fireplace below adds distinct character to this coastal library.

Stop by our store today and see how you can incorporate driftwood into your space.