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It’s A Girl, And Her Nursery!
January 20, 2017 in Before & After, Uncategorized | 9 comments

The latest addition to the Heather Scott Home & Design team decided to arrive two weeks early, but we are happy to say baby girl Emerson is both beautiful and healthy!

This is the first baby to join our team and we have all been anticipating her arrival!  Momma Raquel (center) claims she is tired, but that has not stopped her from ‘checking in’ and requesting photos of everything we are doing for her clients while she is out- haha!

Emily, Sarah and I stopped by to meet Emerson just a few days after she was born and she is a cutie!  We thought for this week’s blog everyone would enjoy getting an inside look at the nursery Raquel decorated before the baby’s arrival.

Raquel kept the neutral grey wall color the same (as throughout the house), and was then able to use bold touches of color without the scheme becoming too energetic.  A friend gave her the glider, which she had re-upholstered in pale pink and hot pink.  Perfect for a little girl.  The lumbar pillow ties the colors together perfectly.

The new window treatments bring in a bold yellow, which is also echoed in the lamp shade.

The campaign style dresser has gold hardware to add a touch of glam.  Right now it will be used as a changing table, but this style will easily stand the test of time and will no doubt remain in the room even as the crib and glider transition out.

Bookcases provide much-needed storage for clothes, books and toys that accompany little ones. My favorite touch is this flamingo perched on the top of the shelves and looking out over the room.

The bookshelves also provide a place to display special gifts from loved ones, such as these solid silver pieces which were received as gifts.

The white crib stands out against the grey paint, as does the art work above.  The Heather Scott Home & Design team thought this special print from Natural Curiosities would be the perfect wall decor for the room, so every employee chipped in to purchase it as a baby gift for mom and dad.

Finally, the rug is a vintage wash in blue and teal.  It provides a solid grounding for the eclectic design scheme that manages to create a ‘chic’ nursery that is warm and fashionable and not at all limited to just a ‘baby’ room.   A wise approach given all the expenses that come along with having a child.  And, they grow up fast.  Hard to believe, but it has already been 2 weeks since Emerson was born.  Before you know it she will be making her own design decisions, which I imagine, her mom will want to approve first!