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5 Tips On How To Update Your Bathroom in Less Than 2 Days

Sometimes you are ready for a change, but we are all busy and undertaking a major renovation can be not only expensive, but also a major hassle. The bathroom is one area where you can make a big change without the mess of a major demolition. The key is a few cosmetic changes that can really make a difference.

In our latest segment on NBC’s KXAN Studio 512, Heather shares, with host Amanda Tatom, her 5 inexpensive favorite tips on how to update your bathroom in 2 days or less.

Listed below are Heather’s expert tips and you can also watch the segment here!

1. Add Wallpaper or Change the Paint

The biggest impact involves your walls- always the best bang for your buck.  Wallpaper makes a major statement and putting it a little bathroom helps ensure that you will not get tired of it. If you are handy you can research hanging it yourself or undertake a paint project, such as stripes on the walls.  This can be done with different colors or different finishes of paint.


2. Incorporate New Lighting

In design we call lighting the jewelry of the home.  It can make such a statement.  I’m in the ‘go big or go home’ camp.  Two sconces are always more functional than a single bar light.  You can swap out the basic builder lights that came with the home with something that better reflects your personality.

3. Show Off a New Mirror

A mirror can be so dramatic.  Most homes come standard with a flat plane of glass attached to the wall by a couple of plastic clips.  Many times these can easily be swapped out for something with a decorative frame or a fun shape. You do want to check first and make sure the mirror is not glued to the wall before you get your heart set on taking it out.


4. Change Out the Hardware

Hardware can refer to the cabinet pulls and/or the plumbing fixtures.  I believe you can mix metals, but you want to keep it to less than 3 in one space, maybe 2 in a small room like a powder bath. Your cabinet hardware can be an opportunity to go a little trendier with looks of brass or crystal. You measure ‘center to center’ which means where the screw holes are.  If you can keep these dimensions the same, you can quickly change this item yourself.


5. Display New Accessories

Little accents can get dated and dusty. Keep an eye on what you have out and consider this area as another opportunity to incorporate ‘trendy’ items like marble, metal or glass.


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