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Before & After: Glam Kitchen, Lounge and Dining Rooms
October 07, 2016 in Before & After, Uncategorized | 6 comments

This is the last post in our series covering the remodel Heather Scott Home & Design undertook for Found boutique owner, Stacey Smith.  Stacey has her own style, bold, glamorous, and chic.  She is not afraid of color or pattern.


Her newly purchased townhome was in need of an update and in doing so, she wanted it to be a place she and her friends would enjoy gathering.  With the goal of entertaining in mind, we updated the kitchen, wet bar, nook and dining room.


The small kitchen felt further cramped with the low ceiling and old light box.  The fridge stuck out into the already tight confines.  We were hoping to raise the ceiling and eliminate the wall at the end going into the nook (below, right) to open up the room further, but due to support issues that option did not materialize.  So, we had to come up with other ways to make the kitchen feel brighter and larger without any structural changes.


Design wise, we felt the slightly raised bar area further chopped up the space and could be changed to a single level.


The existing wet bar/butler’s pantry was just ho-hum.


This adjoining room seems like it should be a breakfast nook, but the dining room is directly behind it.  There really wasn’t a need to have multiple dining rooms in two adjoining open spaces, so the homeowner decided this would be a great spot for a casual sitting area.  A fantastic place for a cocktail or coffee!


This is the dining area directly next to the room above.  The recessed closet shelves were not adding value, so we talked to the contractor about options to eliminate those.


The contractor got underway making the changes he could, including new flooring, paint, and cabinet door fronts.  New appliances were ordered and the microwave removed from above the stove to make that area feel more open.



Our new, fresher and brighter kitchen!

Recessed cans bring the lighting up to date and are the best solution given the low ceiling.  The single level countertop makes the sink area feel like a larger work space.


We replaced the travertine stone with white subway tile with grey grout in a herringbone pattern.  A single bowl sink gives the homeowner more room to stash dirty dishes when entertaining.


The wet bar was redesigned to become a chic serving spot.  Wallpaper, library lights, acrylic hardware and antique mirror add panache.


The new “lounge” room has classic Barcelona chairs, fuchsia silk drapery with a black and white tape trim and a funky jagged crystal chandelier.


When the wall at the end of the kitchen could not be removed, we ended up adding shelving here to compensate for all the other shelves we removed.  This is a great place to display personal photos and collections.built-in-detail breakfast

The dining room got a round glass top table to visually enlarge the space and improve seating (you can see in the before photo there was not room for head chairs with a rectangular table).  Gold accents in the drapery hardware, light fixtures, mirror and buffet make this a chic spot to host a dinner party!



I hope you’ve enjoyed our tour over the past few weeks as we have covered this home’s ground floor from entry hall to kitchen.  This town home shows you just how much fun you can have decorating a small space.  Oftentimes, a smaller space gives you a lot more freedom to be creative because overall you do not have to spend as much (less square footage of flooring or tile, less countertop space and fewer furnishings).  Do not feel limited by the size of your home!  We would love to help if you feel like you can not break out of the box.  Check out our website and reach out if you want help making your home feel special to you!