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What’s New Wednesday: Orchids and Magnolias
October 05, 2016 in What's New Wednesday | no comments

Timeless accessories add refinement to a home. Our signature white orchids and magnolias are the perfect example of this and we are happy to announce that they are back in the shop. They are one of our favorites because they are easy to take care of and they can brighten a space effortlessly. In today’s post, we have some of the new styles you can find in the store.


White orchids symbolize refinement, elegance and beauty. Historically, orchids were also viewed as a symbol of luxury and wealth. Due to their rarity, you would only find the flower in the homes of royalty or the very wealthy. Today, the same admiration and reverence continues. In today’s post, we have two new orchids to share with you that can add ‘beauty’ to your home. First, we have white orchids potted in a charming blue wooden basket.  The arrangement is big enough to serve as a centerpiece and bring in a happy splash of color. The dimensions of the arrangement is 20 W x 15 D x 16 H. It sells for $399.99.


We also have a white orchid in a large stone pot. The texture of the stone adds a unique look to the delicate white phal. The dimensions of the orchid is 26 W x 8 D x 29H. It sells for $279.99.


Below is a close-up of the stone pot.


We also have a white magnolia in a vintage rice scoop. Magnolias are an American classic. They symbolize dignity and nobility. The flower’s large blooms make it a lovely and substantial home accent.


The magnolia we have in the store is 15 W x 15 D x 12 H and sells for $299.99.


Visit us and pick up one of these classic florals for your home! We have the styles featured as well as some of our past favorites.