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Before & After: Glam Entry Hall
September 16, 2016 in Before & After, Uncategorized | 6 comments

Continuing on with our renovation tour of the town home owned by Found boutique’s owner, this week we are going to look at the entry to the home.



On the positive side, the entry area has a lot of volume and a pre-existing support beam that could serve as an architectural feature.

On the negatives…we covered the topic of ‘dated brick’ last week,

entry-with-stairsthen, there was a boring ‘builder grade’ light fixture, front-door-beforeand this questionable recessed book shelf by the front door.  I know space is precious when it comes to small square footage, so I am sure someone thought “What, wasted space; let’s build shelves!”  I think the execution of this would fall in the ‘things not to do’ category, unless you just have to have it!

Finally, the whole stair railing system was just off, as it protruded out into the passage way and felt overbearing.entry-before

Here is a ‘during’ shot.  You can see what a big difference just the paint made!



Fresh paint, new flooring, a painted beam, new lighting and a new stair railing with carpet all make this space fresh, open and welcoming. The stairwell was actually one of the trickiest parts of the remodel.  Between trying to meet code requirements and being cost sensitive, we ended up going with fully carpeted steps, a sleek metal railing and clean, updated woodwork details.

stairwell The built-in bookshelf was removed, the front door painted and the shutter removed to correspond to the new design style.
front-door A big mirror also helps to visually open the space as you turn the corner into the living area.
entry-console A new console table, with personally selected books and decor items, gives visitors a taste of the homeowner’s personality from the moment they walk through the door.  I do not think many of us give that much thought to what our house says about us from the moment someone enters the home.  Now might be a good time to take a fresh look at your entry and see if it may be time to switch some things up.  It is amazing how fast the years go by and before you know it, some of your decor items have been in the same spot for five years!

Try taking everything out of the space, giving it a good dusting, then deciding if it should go back into the entry, and if so, perhaps it should go in a new spot.  Instead of spring cleaning, let’s call it a Fall Freshening!  Next week we are going to take a look at powder bath with more to come in the weeks after!