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May 27, 2016 in Before & After, Uncategorized | no comments

[media-credit id=2 align=”aligncenter” width=”1024″]kitty[/media-credit]

Our sweet family, who’s game and media room you saw over the last couple of weeks, also updated their master bedroom during our project.

The existing furniture was very dark and heavy and they were ready for something lighter.  The room is very large (length wise) and has a nice (but not deep) bay window.  The light in the room is fantastic, but the furniture layout was challenging due to the length of the room.

[media-credit id=2 align=”aligncenter” width=”768″]master before[/media-credit]

[media-credit id=2 align=”aligncenter” width=”768″]master before 3 [/media-credit]

[media-credit id=2 align=”aligncenter” width=”768″]master before 2[/media-credit]


A lot of the wife’s inspiration pictures for this room looked very “New Orleans” to me. She especially wanted a mirror like those above the nightstands. Her husband was great and said his only caveat was that the mirrors not have cherubs. I was happy to give on that since he let us use blush and lavender. Note to guys: a soft, feminine bedroom can be a wonderful retreat. And, you have heard the saying,: “Happy wife, happy life”.

[media-credit id=2 align=”aligncenter” width=”900″]Master Bedroom Overall[/media-credit]

[media-credit id=2 align=”aligncenter” width=”861″]Bed Detail[/media-credit]

We incorporated a pretty upholstered bed, reproduction nightstands and those wonderful mirrors to bring some symmetry into the room.

Again, trying to keep the room light and airy, we swapped out the heavy wood dresser for a light, painted, Swedish style piece and mixed it with a piece of abstract art to make it a little more modern.

[media-credit id=2 align=”aligncenter” width=”900″]Master Bedroom Vignette Alt Crop[/media-credit]

New white silk drapery panels fill the bay window and two chairs with an acrylic bench provide a nice place for reading or watching TV. The chairs are covered in one of our go to kid-friendly fabrics, Crypton. Good thing, because first thing this cutie did was climb onto them!

[media-credit id=2 align=”aligncenter” width=”678″]DSC_0816[/media-credit]

I know a lot of people still have TV armoires and it is a shame because they were expensive.  But they have essentially become obsolete with flat screen televisions. Now that they had a flat screen, our homeowners wanted a nice built-in that could hold the TV and toys, to help keep the room clean. Nothing clears out clutter faster than putting toys in a basket and then putting them behind closed doors. Easy-peasy.

[media-credit id=2 align=”aligncenter” width=”1024″]master built in[/media-credit]

This room has gone from feeling crowded with dark and heavy matching furniture to an elegant and classic oasis that will stand the test of time.  I personally love the mix of antique reproductions with modern elements such as the acrylic side pieces, abstract art and fuzzy pillows.  This style will give you longevity with your ‘investment’ pieces and can easily be updated with more modern elements as the years go by.  Now, that is getting the best of everything!