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Predominately White Spaces: How to Bring in Color
April 22, 2016 in Uncategorized | no comments


A simple white room doesn’t have to be all that plain. An all-white room can be the perfect blank canvas to showcase your personality through accents colors.

In our latest segment on NBC’s KXAN Studio 512, Heather shared her tips on how to bring in pops of color in a predominately white space.



You can watch the whole segment here, or read her favorite tips below:

3 ways to incorporate color:

  1. Display color and personality through art. Art is an easy way to showcase your personality and add that touch of color to liven up your space. Finding the perfect piece of art can act as an inspiration or a great starting point of what colors you will bring into your home.

2. Incorporate color through pillows, throws, and drapes. Decorative pillows and throws that have vibrant colors can make a great statement against any white background. They are easy to change out and play around with for seasons or style change. Also, vibrant drapes can add a finishing touch and act as a lovely frame to any window.
7-Guest-Bed3. Accessorizing with color through greenery, and natural geodes or agate slices can bring in a subtle and elegant warmth to a room. You can also add character with Lighting. It is yet another way to bring in your own personality.

Don’t be afraid to throw in some pops of color when decorating a predominately white space. Need help finding the perfect accessories? Visit our retail store and we would love to help you!