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5 Tips for Choosing a Realistic and Good Looking Faux Floral
February 12, 2016 in As Featured On, How-To, Uncategorized | no comments

Most people have a ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ relationship with faux florals and plants. We can be honest; there are a lot of fake flowers and plants that just look bad. But these days, there is no excuse for having a floral arrangement that looks ‘fake’. There are many excellent quality faux florals out there.


In our latest segment on NBC’s KXAN Studio 512, Heather shared what to look for to make sure you are investing in a quality faux floral.

Studio 512 Host and Heather

You can watch the 3 minute video here.

If you want to skip learning about the pro’s of faux florals and go to the bottom line, listed below are Heather’s expert tips on how to make sure the faux floral you are purchasing is quality:


What to look for in a ‘good’ floral:

1) Realistic flowers are the way to go. Are the colors true to nature and do you have to touch them to see if they are real?

2) Arrangements that have thick leaves with dimension. You don’t want the leaves to look thin and skimpy.

3) The stem should not be a shiny brown or green plastic, but should look realistic.

4) Look for a classic and timeless container like ceramic, vintage wood or glass. Stay away from plastic.

5) If you do not want to go faux, preserved greengage is a great alternative. You can have the real floral but without the keep up.

Preserved Floral

Fresh flowers are a treat and liven up any room, but replacing them as often as needed can be high maintenance and pricey. Hopefully these ideas will help you when are trying to incorporate greenery into your home. Visit our retail store see all our faux florals!