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What’s New Wednesday: Decorative Books

Adorn your shelves and tabletops with our new decorative books! Our new books are the perfect accessory to add a pop of color, pattern and interest to your home. We have many new styles in our store and online to purchase. Here are a few of our team’s favorites.

We have a series of Mosaic Moroccan books. Each book is sold individually and feature a unique mosaic design. They are a fun way to mix patterns and color. They sell for $29.99 each.

Mosaic Books

We also cannot stop buzzing about our set of gold bee books. They are neutral and simple, but the gold bee adds a fun detail to the books. A set of 3 sells for $99.99. To read more buzz-worthy details or purchase these books online, follow this link.

bee books

Keeping with the nature theme, our set of butterfly books are also a charming and meaningful way to accessorize your home. Many cultures believe butterflies symbolize hope, joy and new beginnings. What a fitting symbol as we embark on a new year! Butterflies also symbolize the soul and remind us to “keep the faith” as we undergo transitions in our life. They can serve as a thoughtful gift or treat for yourself. The set of three books sell for $99.99. 

butterfly books 

Shop your favorite designer brands with our boutique series of books. The charming series is perfect for a built-in shelf. The series featured below are sold as a set of 3. The shops are Dior, Chanel and Hermes. A set of three are sold for $115.00. Each set can also be purchased online!

Designer Shops Books

There are also more shops available that are sold as a set of 4. The shops include Tiffany & Co., Bergdorf Goodman, and Tom Ford. Each set is $149.99 and can be purchased online!


Make your signature handbag a part of your décor! We have three iconic handbag options that are perfect for fashion lovers. We have the Chanel, Hermes Kelly, and Louis Vuitton handbags available. The Hermes Kelly Bag was named after and made hugely popular by Hollywood starlet and princess Grace Kelly (hence the name).

designer books

The Chanel bag book set sells for $159.99 and the Louis Vuitton bag and Hermes Kelly book set sell for $189.99 each. These can also be purchased online.


Add a touch of travel and romance to your home with  our Eiffel Tower book set.  The books are a creative way to represent the romantic “City of Light” and the iconic Paris landmark. The books are sold as a set of 5 for $169.99 and can be purchased online.

Paris Books

As you can tell we have a great collection of decorative bound books to choose from! There is a style for every interest or personality. Shop our books in store or online anytime!