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Tips on Choosing the Right Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be used to transform a room in numerous ways. You might think wallpaper is a bit outdated, but it has made a huge comeback recently! More people have been gravitating to the impact it makes in transforming a space. There are plenty of patterns and colors to fit each individual style, and we have some tips to help you along the way!

Heather shared her favorite wallpaper tips last Thursday on NBC’s KXAN Studio 512.

tips for chosing wallpaper

You can watch the full video here or read a few key highlights below.

1. Create Personality and Texture with Different Types of Wallpaper


There are so many options for wallpaper it can be overwhelming. Traditional papers can be very subtle or very vibrant.   Below are photos from two recent powder baths we designed.  From birds in gold clouds to interlocking cheetahs, powder baths are great spaces to have a lot of fun!


Grasscloth has always been a good choice for adding texture.  If you are not as concerned about budget, fabric or beaded wallpaper are also great choices.

beaded wallpaper



2. Potential Wallpaper/Installation Issues  

Installation labor may cost more than the wallpaper itself. You are paying for quality and craftsmanship when going into this process so you want to make sure you have a qualified installer to get the best result.  

Ask questions about the paper you are choosing. For example, with grasscloth you will see the seams for every row of paper. If you have an older house, a patterned paper may not line up in the corners if your walls are not plumb.

3. Where Should You Use Wallpaper?

My answer is that it depends on your personality and your desired result. No spaces are off-limits these days.

Do not be afraid to go bold and use patterns in a room. If you are not 100% sure about what you are choosing, again, ask questions and do your research (thank goodness for Pinterest and the internet!). Just because it is stylish and fun it does not mean that it is trendy (watch the video clip for more details on this topic).

Bold and patterned wallpaper can look great in powder bathrooms, dining rooms, and entry halls. Wallpapers used in these rooms often result in a ‘wow’ factor that visitors love! 

Found bath by heather scott home and design

If you want a fun and colorful wallpaper but but are afraid to commit, you can showcase it on the backs of bookshelves as seen in this photo below. 


If your room is lacking something, another way to incorporate wallpaper can be through an accent wall or on the ceiling.  Using wallpaper in this way can be a subtle way to bring in your personality and make a room feel complete. 

MasterBedroom Wallpaper

Do not be afraid to follow your personality and invest in quality wallpaper!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, and just in case you are in a shopping mood, our retail store is closed today through the 28th, but you can shop our accessories 24/7 at our online boutique!