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December 18, 2015 in Before & After | 6 comments

Continuing on the with the same house we’ve been covering recently, today we are going to look at the kitchen and the adjoining breakfast room.

kitchen after with stove

I shared some progress of the kitchen during the remodel some time ago, centering around the decision to paint the cabinets black, but seeing the selections is not the same as seeing the final product, so here it is:


This kitchen was, sadly, very dated.  The wallpaper border was very popular in the 80’s, but no more.  Also, cabinet wood stains tend to place your kitchen in a particular era whether you want them too or not.  Wood is orange toned one decade, pickled-pink another and then espresso.  It is hard to make the right choice for longevity.  That is why I love painted cabinets.  You can never go wrong with a classic color like white or black.

kitchen before other view

kitchen bar

breakfast area, before


If you scroll back and forth between the photos above, you will see the only element in the kitchen that ‘moved’ was the microwave (no longer above the stove).  Keeping your layout is a great cost save technique if you are on a budget.  We did take the cabinets to the ceiling,which beyond the flooring, new appliances and counter-tops, was probably the biggest splurge, but also, I think, created the biggest impact.

kitchen after side view

Beyond the cabinet heights, the biggest commitment was the color of the cabinets.  After much debate (black vs. white), we all agreed to be adventurous and go for the unexpected with the black cabinets.  What a great decision!  In my opinion, this kitchen is both stylish and chic!
kitchen after with stove

kitchen bar

Leading into the kitchen, we had the contractor take out the arch over the counter and framed it out with wood to create a more sophisticated area.  We also used a really cool piece of wood as the ‘counter’ in this location as it will get little abuse. kitchen bar

The breakfast area also received a face-lift via the removal of existing wallpaper and window treatments.  A new table and chairs updated the space.  A fun chandelier kept the area from being too serious.

breakfast areabreakfast room after

I hope this remodel gives you some inspiration for decorating your own home! 

Next Friday, Christmas Day, I’ll be writing on wallpaper following my latest appearance on Studio 512.  We’ll share some fun photos from our recent projects that used wallpaper. Don’t miss it!