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October 09, 2015 in Before & After | no comments

posted by: Heather Blue Harkovich

We have recently seen a surge of design clients  who are seeking a more ‘glam’ look for their home.  Funky wallpaper, statement light fixtures, bold color schemes and/or patterns are becoming frequent requests.  Black, gold and white are definitely trending for color schemes.

Dining room close up

In this ‘before & after’, we were working with a lovely couple who had the ‘bones’ set for their dining room but needed help adding the ‘pizzazz’.


Our homeowners had selected the two dramatic chandeliers and a gold beaded wallpaper for the back wall prior to contacting us.  They wanted to keep their existing table but called us in the complete the room in a stylish, but classic, way.

dining room before


We brought in black, white and gold elements to introduce drama and add some high contrast to the room.  This room is immediately off the entry and sets the tone for the rest of the home. 

dining room 1 after

As is usually the case with Austin, we kept some ‘natural’ elements in the room, the hair on hide bench and the raw wood table, to tone down the glam.  This gave us leeway to use a leather and gold studded buffet for storage on the back wall, as well as an abstract print with a gilt frame.


A corner of the room called for something to fill to space, but it was a bit tight.  We brought in a small-scale bar cart and jazzed it up with bar accessories and a couple of black, gold and white prints.

dining bar cart

Often people will ask if you need a rug in various rooms.  This is one of those rooms you could go either way.  Instinct says to put a rug under the dining table, but because the walk space was so narrow on all four sides, I felt like it would more likely be a tripping hazard than a design benefit, so I elected not to recommend one.  The room works just fine without. 

Dining room close up

We have a few other rooms from this ‘glam’ house, as well as other ‘glam’ projects to share over the coming months, so stay tuned!