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September 18, 2015 in Before & After | no comments

posted by: Heather Blue Harkovich

You might remember a couple of years ago I did some interior design work for the HGTV show “Property Brothers: Buying & Selling” when they were filming in Austin.  I did a blog post on the project here

The lovely couple who sold their home during this process bought a great new place even closer to town.  They called me a couple of months ago to come up with a plan to incorporate the pieces they brought with them, along with some new items.

This has been a really fun project because of the couple’s openness to color and pattern. 

after, colorful art and pattern

I often say a piece of art or fabric is a great starting point for a room’s design scheme.  In this case, the couple had the rug they purchased during the Property Brother’s show, along with the “Bally” art they purchased in Europe as an anniversary gift.

These two items included fuchsia and citrine and, lucky for me, the couple was brave enough to incorporate more of these two colors into their home.


The couple’s biggest challenges were (1) there were not enough places for adults to sit during their weekly family dinners (2) the room tended to be dark and (3) it felt incomplete.

family room before


A fun, happy and colorful room to lounge in and enjoy!

After, family room with colorful pattern rug and citrine drapes

The room was a bit tight for your typical family room club chairs, and the home owners do not use the room for TV watching, so they were comfortable selecting two smaller pairs of lounge chairs for seating.

after, close up of art

We added a pair of bright, blue glass lamps to flank the sofa for reading.  Surprisingly, the citrine silk drapes also really helped to lighten up the room!

close up on pillows

Bright pillows added a punch of fun and tie the room’s color story together.

after, opposite side of room

On the opposite side of the room, dark grey velvet chairs and lightly patterned chairs bring a level of practicality to a home full of young children and pets.

chair fabric and pillow

And what child (and maybe adult) does not love a fuzzy pillow to cuddle with at the end of the day?

I know we do a lot of neutral around here, but it sure can be fun to mix things up and incorporate some bright colors that make people happy!  Do not be afraid to do the same for yourself if you fall in this camp.  You might never know how you feel about it if you do not take a chance!