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4 Reasons to Spruce up your Space with Greenery
September 11, 2015 in Uncategorized | no comments

posted by Sarah Kirsch,

Bringing greenery into a home adds life to the space. If you love plants but cannot seem to keep them alive, we have great news for you!

tulips on table

You can still get the look you love in your home by incorporating a faux floral! I know…I used to be very wary with faux plants, too, but after seeing them used in our designs, they have become one of my favorite room accessories.

It is important that you invest in good quality, realistic looking faux plants.  This is not the item to scrimp on.  A well designed faux plant or tree can do more for your home than just ‘look good’.

Here are four practical reasons to add greenery to your home:

Reason #1: Define Spaces


Sometimes a room’s layout can end up leaving you with an empty corner to fill. Tall plants are perfect for decorating difficult spaces. Their height and weight end up balancing the design elements in the room. The height of a tree also creates visual movement making your space more aesthetically pleasing. Another way plants are used to define space is they can serve as room dividers. If the interior layout is more open, a plant can be placed to help separate the seating areas to create more intimate spaces.

Reason #2: Liven Up Rooms

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All plants, no matter their size or color, create warmer energy for a space. Even if some of us seem to struggle keeping real greenery alive, faux plants still do the trick by adding a relaxing contrast compared to typical accessories. The small hint of nature ends up being a very welcoming element in a home, especially when placed in an entryway. Placing a flower or plant on an entrance buffet that has a mirror behind it actually doubles the plant effect by mirroring the plant.

Reason #3: Adds Visual Interest

pink peonies

Plants do a great job of bringing color schemes together in a room. Their natural, wild texture usually contrasts the rest of the room’s design elements. Another opportunity to add to your room’s design is by using a plant with a decorative planter. There are many different ceramic bases or pots that can artfully display your plant in your home while adding to the design of your space.

Reason #4: Softens Architectural Elements

white roses

Nature is usually difficult to emulate in manmade accessories because of their organic shapes and colors. Florals are perfect for balancing out harsh lines in some furniture designs and bookshelves. Plants add a fluid, rounded dimension softening angular furniture. Florals and natural accessories (including driftwood and beautiful stones) break up harsh, hard spaces creating a lovely contrast.


If you have been afraid to bring greenery into your home, do not discount faux just because you think they will look fake.  Heather Scott Home & Design has very discriminating taste when it comes to the florals we select for the shop and our clients.  I encourage you to think about the benefits of bringing a hint of nature, real or faux, inside your home.

If you still have concerns, feel free to email us and we would be happy to send you close up photos of our amazingly realistic orchids, peonies, hydrangea and fiddle leaf fig trees.  I guarantee you will be impressed!