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Top 3 Trends at the Vegas Furniture Market
September 04, 2015 in Trends | 3 comments

posted by: Heather Blue Harkovich,

Scott and I enjoyed a trip to the Las Vegas furniture market a couple of weeks ago.  The Vegas furniture market is really wonderful for many reasons:

1) Everything is in one easy location

vegas world market center

Now, that location is massive, but it is still all in one place.  Look at the size of the people relative to the buildings!  And, yes, there is furniture in all those buildings, on every floor!  One of the coolest things about our trip to market (for me) was that on the day you were leaving you could bring your suitcase with you and they would physically check them in with your airline and have them delivered to the airport for you!  So cool.

2) Nice hotels & food

You can not beat the luxury of staying in a really great 4 or 5 star hotel for under $200 a night. And, loads of fabulous dining options.  I have to admit I did not make the healthiest food choices while I was there, but I did get to try some great restaurants!

3) Unique vendors and the recent addition of many of the higher end/boutique brands for us to shop

video for las vegas marketScott and I participated in an interview with Home Accents Today about the addition of a long list of upper end brands that now show at the Vegas market. 


Long story short, we had a great time and want to share some of our ‘learning’s’ from market.  You know we are big proponents of not being ‘trendy’. But, we do think it is important to stay abreast of the market trends so that we know what manufacturers will be focused on in the coming year.

The 3 key trends I picked up on were:

1) Comfort is Key in Upholstery

Big, deep lounge-y sofas and sectionals were front and center throughout the showrooms.  They were all being shown with upgraded feather cushions so you really had a soft seat.

comfort in upholstery

And, when it came to upholstery, I think you can see (in all the photos) there were not any ‘color stories’ to share.  All the pieces were ‘neutral’.  Whites, creams, khaki, gray.  Nothing bold or wild.  Just a lot of natural fabrics in neutral tones.


comfort is key in upholstery

2) Mix your Metals, and I don’t just mean silver and gold

Manufacturers were showing the same tables in different finishes, including blackened silver, rose gold, brass and copper, in addition to the typical chrome and gold.

new metals in furniture


We also saw a lot of new ways to incorporate metals into furniture, for example with this dining table that had silver legs mixed with a wood top.


new ways to incorporate metals in furniture

3) Industrial is still a key vibe for interior design

Some people prefer a more elegant look, but the industrial trend is still going strong.  We saw this in upholstery, end tables/cocktail tables and light fixtures.  Very cool items throughout the market. 

industrial barstoolindustrial images

There you have it, a brief foray into the Las Vegas Furniture market and the predominant trends for the fall/spring.   Hope you enjoyed a look into what is happening behind the scenes in the home furnishings world.  We ordered a lot of new furniture and accessories and they are already in route, so be sure to stop by to check it out in person, or at our online shop!