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Adding Animal Touches to Your Decor
August 14, 2015 in Inspiration | no comments

posted by Raquel Skrobarcyk,

We were recently featured in a Bed Bath and Beyond blog post discussing how to incorporate “animal touches” into your home! It was fun getting to share all of the different applications out there.

Animal prints and textures are a great way to add depth and interest to a room along with a little personality. From endless fabric selections, to wrapped furniture pieces and bone inlay designs, there are so many options to choose from.

I wanted to share a few design projects where we have incorporated animal prints and textures. These are all very different and give a good idea of the range of applications you have to choose from.  If you think animal print is too wild for you, we are here to show you it can be tastefully incorporated and, we promise, it will not make you feel like you are living in a jungle!

animal print pillow on bed

A subtle zebra print was chosen in this bed pillow fabric and also tied into the side table’s fabric skirt. Here we mixed it with geometric and floral prints in the same color ways and it makes for a calming, yet unique bedroom.animal print on chair back

For a punch of color we reupholstered the out-back of these dining chairs in a bright orange leopard print to tie together the room color scheme. By only adding the pattern to the back it is less overwhelming and really adds a finishing touch to the chairs.animal print on sofa pillows

Here we went with bold zebra print pillows and also a cocktail table that is wrapped in cream faux shagreen. Shagreen is a faux stingray material that gives the look of dimpled leather. It comes in many different color ways and no sting rays were harmed in the making!shagreen

More shagreen was used in the charcoal TV console and also the ivory end tables. This application is very subtle when viewed from far away, but up close the attention to detail makes a statement all in its own.

hair on hide rug

There were multiple ‘animal touches’ in this room along with the hair on hide dining room rug!bone inlay

Another very popular treatment is bone inlay. This is normally used to create a more mosaic look as shown in this TV console.  A really unique bone inlay piece can add a to of personality to a room and is one of our favorite design treatments.

If you are looking to add more interest and texture to your space any of these options would be a great place to start. We would be happy to help you if you are ready to take a walk on the wild side!

Check out our blog post on Bed Bath and Beyond for even more design tips!