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Special Feature: Condo of Stacey Smith, Owner of Found
June 12, 2015 in Inspiration | one comment

Written by: Raquel Skrobarcyzk

I’m sure you’ve heard us mention FOUND, the amazing clothing boutique we worked on last year. Much of the inspiration for FOUND was from the owner Stacey Smith.

Foudn owner stacey smith

We just can’t stop gushing about how beautiful everything turned out and just in case you missed it, here are a few pictures to refresh your memory!

found entry by heather scott home and design

found arch design by heather scott home and design

found check out area by heather scott home and design

found front entry by heather scott home and design

found overall design by heather scott home and design

Found settee by heather scott home and design

We were able to bring Stacey’s vision to life with a little help from her own personal style. Her boutique directly reflects her unique style and personality. It is bright, energetic and fabulous!

When we were asked to help her add some window treatments to her home, we knew it would have a similar vibe to her clothing boutique and personal style and would be a lot of fun!

We are excited to share an ‘exclusive’ look at Stacey’s personal condo in downtown Austin! If you haven’t noticed yet, Stacey is not afraid of bold patterns and colors!

chevron drapery panels

Stacey also created a ‘gallery wall’ to add some character and personality to her condo.

chesterfield sofa, acrylic table, gold accents

A gallery wall is a great way to tell your story! Framing items that you love and have collected over time will create a look that is uniquely yours. I always make it a point to pick up a print wherever I travel to add to my walls.

Remember this wallpaper from FOUND’s entrance?!  There were some remnants left over and Stacey put them to very creative use to spice up her custom built ins!

stacey smith, found owner, condo

I love the unique cabinet pulls and also the detail around the TV.  Everyone worries about how to design around a TV.  Stacey’s use of wallpaper looks amazing and you immediately think about how cool the space is, not the fact that that is ‘just the place for the TV’.tv wall with wallpaper and cabinet

Also, pay special attention to the accessorizing on the bookcase.  Many of our client’s struggle to accessorize bookcases.  Take a note from Stacey and see how she completed her cabinets.  She loves fashion, so she has collected an amazing library off fashion books and displayed them with panache!

accessory vignette


You can easily tell that the same person was involved in both of these designs. Her choice of bold jewel toned colors, paired with graphic black and white prints is carried throughout both spaces. Also, a love for all things gold and shiny!

Many times a person’s fashion and lifestyle are directly reflected in their home décor. If your home is your haven and a reflection of yourself, wouldn’t you want it to reflect the best possible version of yourself?

For example, people who love wearing all black and limited accessories may have a more tailored living environment with solid fabrics. Whereas, people who love bold patterns and vibrant colored clothing may have items in their home with more visual impact and mixing of playful patterns.

We encourage you to curate a style that is uniquely yours! Stop by our store to see our ever changing supply of art and accessories and you may find the perfect piece that speaks just to your style! And be sure to stop by FOUND to check out the space and pick up a lovely new dress (or two!).