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4 Tips for choosing Art for your Home
May 29, 2015 in Uncategorized | no comments

Written by: Sarah Kirsch

When it comes to picking out artwork for your home, the task might sound a bit intimidating. For me, art has always been a passion of mine, so whenever I see a design that incorporates dramatic pieces I get pretty excited!

However, I realize for some who of you who may not share that ‘interest’ in art, making a selection can be intimidating.

art with crane

Whenever my friends have doubts about choosing art, I explain to them the reason why I love art.  The most important reason is that you do not have to be an expert to have an opinion if a piece appeals to you or not.  You just need to look for a piece that you find inspirational.

Besides connecting personally to a piece, there are many other benefits to bringing artwork home. To ease your mind, if you consider choosing art to be stressful, here are some reasons to look forward to incorporating art in your home:

1) Room Inspiration

Sometimes getting started with a project is the hardest part. Many times designers will turn to finding a piece of art that speaks to them or their client, which can kick-start the inspiration for the entire room’s design.

A large, over-sized piece can be used as the room’s focal point, but also can serve as an easy way to introduce a color story into your space.

Heather Scott Home & Design, Office

abstract art canvas, black and white


2) Setting the Mood

Without being aware, the different elements and principles of design in artwork affects the mood of the space. Depending on how you want the space to feel, be cautious when choosing colors and patterns.

For example, if you want a space to be calm and relaxing, you would not want to choose a vivid abstract with bold red and yellow sporadic lines. Rich, warmer colors create more of a social and energetic vibe. Serene cool colors are better choices when trying to create a tranquil space.

found check out area by heather scott home and design

art above fireplace


3) Conversation Starter

Another great thing about bringing art into your home is it can serve as a conversation starter. You can talk about what the piece means to you or how it “chose” you.

One of my personal passions is photography.  If you consider photo art, attempt to understand the story behind the artist’ intention when snapping the image.

phtotography art

Art can also be fun and whimsical, which is great when having guests over, or even if it just brings you a daily smile!

whimiscal art

4) Multiple Options

Sprucing up your bare walls does not have to be limited to a large canvas on every wall. There are many different forms and ways to hang art in your home. Try hanging multiple frames either stacked on top of each other, next to each other, or in cluster formation to make your home more visually pleasing. This method will make your wall less boring and add energy. Another fun and unique way to make a home stand out can be done by using 3D pieces of art, such as these gold stars we used in a client’s home.

unique wall elements


Art is a great addition to your home or workspace. In order not to be intimidated just remember to try to find a piece of art that you (and who you share your home with) connect with. Be open-minded when looking for art.

There are an endless amount of choices you can pick from, ranging from abstracts, landscapes, portraits, photography and more. The best way to begin is to just start exploring and see what types of media you are more drawn to. Ultimately, you will end up with a piece that you love and helps turn your house into a home (as we just mentioned two days ago in our ‘What’s New Wednesday’ post).  Stop in to see the over two dozen pieces of art in our store currently.