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Playing with Patterns: 5 Tips for Incorporating Pattern into Your Space
May 01, 2015 in Uncategorized | no comments

posted by: Nikki Clause

Spring is here and patterns are in full swing. From home magazines to the runway, winter’s deep colors and textures have been replaced with trending bolds and brights.

For many of us, we are drawn to these fun prints and cheerful colors as they tend to  liven up a space. But even I’ll admit that decorating with patterns can be tricky. So I’ve put together five tips to hopefully send you on your way to becoming a pattern-playing pro.

TIP #1: Play with scale

You want to have patterns that speak to each other and do not compete. Multiple large patterns can be overwhelming just as combining many small prints can make a room look busy. When putting together a scheme, try to stick to this rule of three: one large-scale print such as a floral, one medium pattern like a fun geometric, and one small print that is simpler. This rule of thumb works especially well when layering patterns like in an arrangement of pillows.

custom patterned pillows


TIP #2: It’s all a balancing act

Just like with anything in design, balance is crucial in making your space cohesive. Be sure to spread the love by incorporating your patterns beyond one concentrated area or piece of furniture, like in the image below. Without the accent throw pillows on the side chairs, the room would become unbalanced and your eye would only be drawn to the sofa.

custom sofa pillows with pattern

TIP #3: Size most certainly matters

Have you ever tried to make a pillow out of a stunning large floral print fabric and felt like it didn’t do it justice? Well that’s because the scale was off. In order to showcase a pattern in its best light, coordinate the scale of the pattern to the size of the area or piece of furniture it is being applied to. Large patterns are great for a wall or area rug.

chairs with pattern

Medium patterns are best saved for an upholstery piece such as a sitting chair, while smaller compressed patterns look nice on accent pillows and accessories like these bone inlay jewelry boxes from our retail boutique.

bone pattern boxes

TIP #4: Make a statement

If you are afraid of overloading your space with patterns but still want a “wow” factor in the room, try making one pattern the main feature. Create an accent wall with a geometric wallpaper or place a vibrant runner in a neutral bathroom for an unexpected bold touch!

wallpaper with pattern

rugs with pattern

TIP #5: Tie it all together

Sometimes one of the biggest struggles when using patterns can be making sure the colors coordinate well together. A helpful hint is to go back to your elementary school basics (or our blog two weeks ago!) and use the color wheel to find complimentary colors.

Another method to help tie colors together in a room is to find one pattern that incorporates your entire desired color scheme. For me, a piece of art or unique fabric tends to be my inspiration for the design of a space, such as in the photo below. This way when I am ever in debate whether a pattern will work or not, I can use that original inspiration as a reference.

custom chairs

Try using these five tips the next time you do some redecorating and I promise you’ll be a pattern professional in no time!