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3 Top Trends from Dallas Winter market
February 06, 2015 in Trends | 2 comments

As I mentioned, Scott and I went to a business conference two weeks ago.  Unfortunately, the conference coincided with The Dallas Total Home & Gift Market, one of our favorite events.  Since we could not go, Raquel, Nikki and Lilly (3 of our designers) went without us to see all the latest trends and products.

Lilly was kind enough to identify key product trends and take photos to share with us.  As you know, we aren’t proponents of buying ‘trendy’ furniture, but it is important to keep an eye on what is happening in the marketplace.  It is easy and important to add some new pillows or décor to keep your home looking fresh.  

Dallas Market Center Buildings:dallas market center

dallas market

So, Dallas Market from Lilly’s point of view:

If you’ve never been to Dallas Market before, it is quite an experience. As a designer, it is a visual paradise, with beautiful products everywhere you look. With 3 buildings and many floors of showrooms, the volume of products you see can be overwhelming!  That said, there were some obvious trends we saw throughout market.  I’ve narrowed the list down to the biggest three.

1) Shagreen

Shagreen was everywhere at Dallas Market, which means it’s definitely here to stay. We saw shagreen used in almost every application, from console tables to ottomans, to picture frames and tissue holders.

shagreen furniture

shagreen bath accessories

shagreen picture frames

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, shagreen is an untanned leather covered in small round granulations.  Shagreen is usually made from the skin of sharks or rays. In design, shagreen can be upholstered to make almost any piece and is a great way to add texture and color to a room in an unexpected way.

The most common colors we saw in shagreen pieces were cream and gray tones—another trend that is here to stay—but we also saw it in a variety of pastels, which made spaces more fun and interesting with pops of color.

shagreen desk accessories

shagreen frames and trays

If you’re opposed to using animal skin, or the typically high price of the product, we also saw many examples of faux shagreen, which if done well, can look great and give the same effect as the real thing. Adding shagreen accents to your home conjures luxuriousness and can give your space a unique richness.


2) Geodes

Geodes were another noticeable trend at market. Geodes are round rocks which contain hollow cavities lined with crystals, the most common type being quartz.


We saw geodes as a trend not only literally, but noticed their natural jewel tone had inspired a color trend as well. These rocks are beautiful on their own and are a great way to add rich color and texture to your home.

In a way, these rocks act as pieces of art themselves. In my favorite application we saw, the geodes were framed in silver-leafed shadow boxes, and hung in an arrangement on the wall, making a gorgeous focal point to the space.

geode wall decor

We also saw polished versions of the rocks made into accessories, and of course large raw, untouched geodes that were so mesmerizing, they didn’t need to be manipulated.

geode topped boxes

geode starburst on stands

geodes on display

3) Mediterranean Blue & Graphic patterns

In almost every booth we visited, there was evidence of a Mediterranean trend. That rich, Mediterranean blue reminiscent of the Greek isles was everywhere!

blue patterned large rug

blue graphic vases

We saw rugs, lamp shades, tabletop accessories, seating, textiles—literally everything you can think of— in this color. We also saw a lot of the Greek key pattern in many applications. I personally love this trend, and think it’s the most doable of the three. I love the idea of incorporating this color with whites and neutrals, because I believe it really makes your furnishings stand out, and in a way that isn’t overwhelming with color.

blue patterned rug

blue patterned ottoman

Blue tones are soothing to the eye and are generally calming psychologically, and in that aspect it acts as neutral itself.

poufs in blue in white

lamps with graphic blue shades

If you aren’t ready to commit to painting your walls blue or buying a blue sofa or chair, start with accessories like pillows, lamp shades, or a piece of art in the same hue to get you into that Mediterranean spirit. The least “trendy” of the design trends, this blue is the new navy, and is on the horizon for 2015.

Everyone always wants to know what “market” is like.  I hope you got a taste of it from this blog post.  We will have new accessory and décor items, which were shown at market, coming in to the shop over the next couple of months.  We hope you can drop by and see them!