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What’s New Wednesday: Voluspa Boxed Candles and Tins
February 04, 2015 in Heather Scott Home & Design Store, What's New Wednesday | no comments

Our new Voluspa scented candles are a sensory treat with their stylish packaging and luxurious fragrances. The Voluspa brand has quickly become an internationally renowned home fragrance label and a favorite among celebrity clientele. We currently have more than 10 different scents available in the 12 oz. signature boxed candle and 11 oz. metal tin. The fragrances we are featuring on today’s blog are some of our most popular: Suede Blanc (spiced/woody), Gardenia Colonia (floral), Laguna (aquatic), and Saijo Persimmon (citrus/fruity).

Voluspa Candles and Tins

Each Voluspa candle features a clean, burning coconut wax blend and cotton wicks. The wax is made from coconut oil that is cold-pressed and then turned to wax through the process of hydrogenation. The creamy wax blend allows the candle to not only look creamy white, but allows it to hold a high volume of fragrance. The 11 oz. tins have 50 hours of burn time and sell for $16.50. The 12 oz. boxed candles can burn for up to100 hours and sell for $27.50. All Voluspa candles are hand poured in the USA.

Voluspa candles, tins

Visit our store to learn more about our Voluspa candles. They make for great gifts and the perfect treat for yourself. Discover your favorite Voluspa fragrance today!

Voluspa tins