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Before & After: A Neutral, Serene Bedroom
January 02, 2015 in Before & After | 2 comments

We managed to squeeze in several installs right before year end.  One was this lovely bedroom in south Austin.  The homeowner has two young children and her big request was a retreat that was color and chaos free!

master bedroom, after, mirrors, lamps, chairs, pillows and bedding

This was another project where Raquel took the lead and she did a great job.  There is now a dramatic look with just a few key changes.



This couple quickly purchased a bedroom set when they moved into this new home a couple of years ago.  It didn’t reflect their style, but filled a need and was available in a hurry.

Bedroom before

Everything turned out to be very ‘brown’ and not at all the bright, happy place this new mom wanted.

In addition, the nightstands and lamps were really too small for the space.  A request from someone who works in this field, please don’t buy lamps that are less than 28” high unless you live somewhere with 8ft ceilings.  Lamps need to be about 30” high or taller to make a statement in the room.  Think of them as the jewelry and look for something special.

nightstand before

So, what were our design goals?

1) Light and bright

2) Restful and neutral- specifically no color except the draperies panels which were already installed

3) Durable fabrics for the kids.  No bright white on the bed or chairs. 

And the challenges:

1) A really high ceiling that dwarfed the furniture

2) Adding drama without using color as a tool

3) Balance the wife’s desire for lighter, softer elements, while addressing the husband’s desire for a more rustic look, closed storage and comfortable chairs.


What a pretty room!  We chose a high headboard , tall lamps and large mirrors to fill up the main wall.

master bedroom, after, circle mirrors, nailheads on chests

We were also able to give the homeowners much larger furniture pieces for useful storage.  Instead of a typical 24”-30” nightstand, these chests are about 40” long.  A great place to tuck away remotes, books, etc..

Nightstand, after, circle mirror, nailheads on chest

The nightstands also have a lot of character- wood, fabric, nail heads and metal.  A little rustic and a little refined.

Plus, two new swivel chairs give the husband and wife a great spot to sit down, catch up on the day or sit quietly while reading a book or watching TV.  The chairs are upholstered in one of our favorite stain resistant fabrics, Crypton.  We’ve blogged about the benefits of Crytpon before, but if you’ve missed it, make sure to click on the name to visit their website.

master bedroom, after, mirrors, lamps, chairs, pillows and bedding

Living in a space you love is such a nice way to start the new year.  If you’ve been putting off making changes to your home, why don’t you make a New Year’s Resolution to love your home.  Decide what is required to get there and don’t put it off any longer!