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3 Quick & Easy holiday decorating ideas
December 05, 2014 in Uncategorized | no comments

We have been busy, busy, busy with the holiday season.  I personally decorated three Christmas trees last week, and that does not include my own (which is still not up!). 

decorating a christmas tree

One project included the installation of new holiday decorations at the dental office we completed this past January.  Sometimes we have a hard time finding products we like, so we just make our own!

Here are three easy decorating ideas our team used for this holiday install:

1) Add gorgeous bows to basic garland

We added a custom touch to this fireplace garland by overlaying two ribbons to create really lovely bows.

garland with bows

We used some ribbon from our retail shop to make a double layer bow.  All you need is a little floral wire to bind it together.

close up on bow

Don’t forget to leave a little extra length for the ‘tails’.

holidy bows

Fireplace mantles look good with at least two bows, and maybe a third in the center depending on the length of the fireplace.

Our team also undertook a similar approach with creating swags.  We made bows from a lovely burlap and embroidered ribbon we got at the shop and hot glued ornaments to create unique door swags!



2) Create a simple yet classic wreath

Another easy project is to create a ‘classic’ wreath.  Our team found some boxwood wreaths (boxwoods are always in style), created a double layer of ribbon using a wide metallic ribbon overlaid with red velvet and then hung a simple statement ornament in the middle.

decorative wreaths

We hung these in a series down the hallway to make an impact.

hallway of wreaths

3) Decorate your chandelier

The third easy holiday decorating idea is one of my favorites!  It is so fast and easy yet really brings holidays to the house.  At my house, I use a number of Christopher Radko ornaments my mother gave me and hang them from decorative ribbon.  They really sparkle under the lights.

In this space we selected snowflakes that coordinated with the crystals on the chandelier. 


hanging ornaments from the chandelier

christmas ornaments on a chandelier

chandelier with ornaments

The light fixture looks so pretty! 

This project took a lot of pre-planning to come up with the ideas, but not long at all to implement them.  Hopefully we will save you some time if you pick up our ideas and make them your own.  Happy Holiday Decorating!