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3 Ideas for Displaying Children’s Art
September 12, 2014 in Uncategorized | no comments

This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to appear on the local NBC station’s program “Studio 512”.  This is a local lifestyle program focusing on food, fashion and fun topics around town.

heather and nikki at kxan studios

The staff was nice enough to snap a photo of Nikki and I playing ‘News Anchor’ before we started.

Host Amanda Tatom wanted to talk about how to display children’s art now that the kids are back at school and parents are loaded up with art made in class.

displaying children's art

The big idea was how to banish the clutter from the refrigerator doors or tack boards and elevate the art to something special.

I presented three ideas for displaying children’s art:

1) A Blurb Book

Create an annual catalog of your children’s art via a soft or hard back book you self publish through a company like Blurb.  These are so easy.  Simply upload your pictures and drag them onto a page. 

children's book


You can even print extra copies for grandparents for minimal expense.  Starting investment: about $15.


2) Wexel Art Frames

The team at Austin based Wexel Art created a concept for frames that you “hang once” for art you “change often”.



They have two styles: one style has four screws at the corners holding two plates of acrylic together with the art sandwiched between.  These are beautiful frames that look wonderful with abstract art, and finger painting! 



For art you truly plan on swapping in and out, Wexel offers a frame that holds the art behind the acrylic with super strong magnets.  These are a breeze to slide on and off and swap up the look.


Starting investment: about $45

3) Basic large white mats with simple, white frames

Consistency and symmetry is the key to avoiding a cluttered look.  In this scenario you can purchase inexpensive frames with a large mat and simple white or black frame. 

RIBBA Frame IKEA 8x10" photo fits if used with the mat. The mat enhances the picture and makes framing easy.


Alternatively, you can have a custom frame and mat made for minimal investment if you keep the mat and frame simple.  This will really elevate your art and make it look fabulous!



Starting investment: Store bought frames- about $10, custom frame and mat: about $100.

Within this same concept, I have seen several examples where a large body of artwork has been scaled down from its original size into smaller images and included within one mat and frame. 

Here are few photos:

scan in kids artwork and print it per year!


Sixx design


collage of art


If you’d like to watch the segment shown on TV, you can view it here:


Don’t be afraid to create a sophisticated display of your child’s mini-masterpieces in your home!