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‘Style’, ‘Taste’ & ‘Trendy’
August 29, 2014 in Inspiration | one comment

I was flipping through my latest “Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles” magazine the other night and the regular column “Around Town with Naomi Von Habersham” caught my attention.  I have to admit I usually delve straight to all the gorgeous photos, but I took a few minutes to read this column and it stayed with me, so much so that I’ve decided to write today’s blog post on about it.



The article begins by quoting the legendary fashion editor, style icon and tastemaker Diana Vreeland who “Once said of style:’It helps you get up in the morning’.”  Inferring  we have a better outlook on a day when dressed stylishly than when throw on our yoga pants and sweat shirts.

greige: interior design ideas


Von Habersham’s article goes on to say that style means different things to different people, but, “No matter how you define ‘style,’ you should not confuse it with its cousin, ‘trendy.’ Having true style does not mean following trends, but rather having the temerity to express your unique point of view- even if its not what’s hot at the moment…Style is not being different for the sake of being different, but having the confidence to live as you wish to live.”

Trendy is the last stage before tacky. ~Karl Lagerfeld.


As I celebrate another birthday, I’ve come to realize with time that what others tell me I should like (in fashion or décor) means less to me than what I discover I like for myself.  I wish I had better understood this principle when I was younger.  That would have given me more time to cultivate the style I call my own today.

Living Room

Von Habersham finishes by saying, “My notions of style may not be to your taste, and that’s exactly as it should be.  Style means having the freedom to define it anyway you wish.”

Courtyard entrance


On that note, I challenge you to start cultivating your eye to define your style.  As a designer, I have my own style, but if I am working on someone’s home, my first goal for a successful project is to understand my client’s style.  I want to bring my taste and skill to translate my client’s style into a design scheme for their home.

Casual Style Carolina Herrera - love that this is such a throwback to the look Grace Kelly made popular decades ago. Classic, sophisticated.

Source                Source

In my experience, for a successful design collaboration, you chose one of two approaches:

1)The client does not have a defined ‘style’, but is willing to give free reign to a designer’s vision for what the client’s space can be

2) The client has a defined style and can clearly demonstrate that to their designer, who can then interpret your look into an amazing vision for your home

tres chic


The most challenging collaboration is with the client who doesn’t know what they want, but ‘will know it when they see it’.  Start gathering your style files now. 

cy twombly.


This can include fashion, home, flowers, art; such as I’ve shown here.  Anything that gives you inspiration.  Inspiration is what encourages us to dream, and when we dream we can achieve amazing things!