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In Progress: Your Home Really Can Be Your Castle
August 01, 2014 in Before & After | no comments

We have had the wonderful opportunity to spend a large portion of this year working on the remodel of a home that is truly a ‘castle’ in every sense of the word.  At over 20,000 sq. ft. and made of stone, arches and tiny windows, this place is impressive.

home exterior

However, you know how it is when you purchase someone else’s home, you want to make in yours.  In particular, this home was incredibly dark.  Tiny windows, heavy woodwork, imposing beams and a general overall feeling that was not very welcoming.



Our homeowner wanted to make this home less castle and more “Modern French Chateau”.  We have some amazing furniture pieces on order and waiting to be installed, but in the meantime, I thought I would share with you some of the key updates to the kitchen, library and master bath. 


This kitchen was completely gutted and was given all new cabinets, appliances, countertops and tile work.

This is my first project with La Cornue products and I am really excited, especially about the very unique blue shade my client decided on!  I can’t wait to see the range under all that cardboard!

new kitchen updates

la cornue hood

There are two awesome light fixtures going in the great room (you can see the gothic ones in the photo above).  They are beautiful crystal.  We never appreciate the time it takes to assemble the beautiful light fixtures we see, but these guys will be spending a long time putting these lights together!

light assembly

The parquet floor was taken out of the ‘family’ room and replaced with these wide plank white oak floors.

wide plank oak floors

This is a photo of the library when my clients purchased the home.   They want to use the space as an adult lounge area with a pair of sofas.


The woodwork was painted white to brighten the space, the Venetian Plaster changed to a cool blue and modern lighting was added.  

library shelves

In addition, we also added wallpaper to the backs of the bookcases.  The house is getting a lot of other very stylish wallpaper throughout!

close up of wallpaper

I think one of the biggest changes is in the master bath.  There were several elements in the home that physically that didn’t work and needed to be replaced (plumbing, shower heads, fireplace) and then some others that functionally needed to be addressed.  For example, “his” side of the bath just had a pedestal sink.  Not very user friendly!





We opened the space up and gave “him” a full sized cabinet opposite hers (sorry I forgot to photograph it!).   There is still a long way to go, but you can see this will be a very chic bathroom. 


This is a close up view of the tile work.  It is Thassos marble with mother of pearl inlay…simply exquisite!

close up on wall tile

The floors are Carrera on a herringbone, carried into the shower.  The shower has a great mosaic pattern on the focal wall.  You can see it in better detail in the shampoo box photo below.

master shower and floorshower box detailAs you can see, we’ve been busy on this ‘large’ home!  Only about 3 more weeks until the drapery and furniture installation.  This project has been a real treat with amazing clients that have been a ton of fun to work with.  I can’t wait to show you more once we get it finished!