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Before & After: A New Bedroom for a New Teen!
July 25, 2014 in Before & After | one comment

A sweet mom contacted us recently to say her daughter was turning 13 soon and she wanted to gift her with a new bedroom fit for a new teen!

teen girl bedroom side view

Her daughter was in a smaller bedroom with mostly hand-me-down furniture.  They decided to move her into the guest bedroom which was quite a bit larger.

We were thrilled because the mom planned in advance (we need about 3 months, so thank you, mom!).  We had just the right amount of time to create a concept, get the approval and place the custom orders into production!

Before:  The typical guest bedroom with a variety of home décor items that didn’t ‘fit’ in any of the other rooms:


After: A bright and colorful space with furnishings that work for a young teen.  And, with a change of some pillows, this space can be brought up to an adult look very easily.

teen girl bedroom makeover

The young lady was ready to move away from pastels into some brighter colors.   Raquel Skrobarczyk from our team was the lead designer on this project and we kicked off the project with inspiration fabrics from the colorful collection of Dana Gibson.

teen girl bedroom close up of bedding

Before:  The bedroom is a fabulous room.  It has much more space than a typical bedroom.


After:  We were able to incorporate a new built in desk, bookcase and bench seat.

teen girl bedroom side view

A fabric tack board was included for photos and notes. 

chair detail

Before:  This room is also going to double as a hang out space for when friends come over, so they wanted a TV added.  We decided this corner would be the perfect fit.


The room didn’t ‘need’ a media piece, but we wanted something to go under the TV.  The family had an existing wood chest, but the teen did not like the color of it.  They agreed to paint the piece a fun color and add new hardware.

After:  The chest is now a fun, youthful turquoise which works well with the rest of the room. 

teen girl bedroom makeover painted chest

The young lady celebrates her birthday this weekend with a sleepover party and hopefully a lot of great memories with her loving family safe at home.  What a blessing to work on projects like this!