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What’s New Wednesday: Hand Painted Canvas Artwork

The perfect piece of art can help tie the design of your room together. Art can also serve as the inspiration for the color scheme of your décor. All of the artwork featured on today’s blog are hand painted on canvas by studio artists in California. No two pieces are exactly the same!

One of our new art pieces features vibrant cobalt and sky blue with accents of canary yellow. In order to feature such vibrant colors, the artists use acrylic paints since oil-based paints tend to lose their color tones when mixed with other paints and materials. The dimensions of the artwork is 40 x 50. It sells for $399.99.

40 x 50 artwork 

We also have a 54 x 68 art piece that features warm gray tones with accents of burnt orange and teal. Heavy textures and paint strokes are used to add depth/dimension to the painting. It is a great statement piece!

54 x 68 artwork burnt orange

Our other 54 x 68 artwork features cool ivory tones with accents of gray and turquoise. It is a great piece to lighten up room. Both are a great scale for the price point! They sell for $599.99 each.

54 x 68 artwork with ivory and teal

Visit our store to see all of our latest art arrivals. All of our hand painted art pieces incorporate our love for classic neutrals, feature vibrant pops of color, and come in a variety of sizes. Email us at if you are interested in seeing any of the artwork we have featured on the blog or have in stock. We would love to help you find the perfect piece of art for your home!