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Artist Showing: Mallory Page at Wally Workman Gallery
April 18, 2014 in Uncategorized | one comment

One of my favorite artists, Mallory Page, is now being represented by the Wally Workman Gallery in Austin.  They are having a special exhibition of her latest work and I highly recommend stopping by to see it!

gallery showing

If you aren’t lucky enough to be in town during the event, the gallery actually has a ‘virtual tour’ you can take on their website.

You can enjoy it here: Wally Workman Gallery


I have two Mallory Page pieces, one at home and one in my office.  This is the view from my desk at work; I get to look at Mallory’s lovely art everyday!


mallory page art at heather scott


Scott and I stopped by the show opening on Saturday and got to see some really dramatic pieces.

mallory page pink


mallory page fuschia

I love my two pieces, but they are both about 2’x3’.  There is something totally different about seeing art that is on such a grand scale, probably around 5’-7’.  What a statement!  I just need a bigger house, and a bigger budget!

mallory page pale pink

The collection of new pieces at the gallery are all done in either pinks or chartreuse.  I asked Mallory about why she had chosen that color scheme.  She said she had planned to have 3 colors, but really liked the way the two worked together.  One of her pieces I have is pink, so I wasn’t surprised to see those, but the chartreuse really stood out. 


mallory page chartreuseI think she said it was a color she had seen on a friend’s scarf and it wouldn’t leave her mind.  She described it as literally caught in her throat and it just had to come out.  Really interesting when you learn an artist’s motivations.

We will be showing at least one of Mallory’s pieces at the Parade of Homes, which opens next weekend, the 26th, can you believe it?  We will be installing the home on Monday and Tuesday and can’t wait to share some sneak peeks with you!