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2014 Round Top: 3 Key Home Furnishings Trends
April 11, 2014 in Home Furnishings, Trends | no comments

Well, it is that time of year again.  Yes, High Point, but also Round Top!  I decided to take the shorter travel route this time and go to Round Top, Texas.

It is always a fun time to see what is happening and selling at the various vendor booths.  This year I noticed 3 key trends.  I will say I was so distracted I forgot to take a lot of pictures, but I did snag a few photos of the 3 biggest trends I noticed.



Acrylic furniture and décor was everywhere… tables, lamps, etc.  Really popular.  Some were more modern and mid-century, others more art deco.  All kinds of looks.

Here are a pair of cocktail tables.

Acrylic Cocktail tables

You can see a peak of an acrylic bunching table here on the bottom.


I really like how acrylic can lighten up a space.  It is especially beneficial in a small room where you don’t want to feel overly crowded.



For the past several years just about every single piece of upholstered furniture at Round Top has been recovered in beige linen.  It goes with everything, looks clean and provides an updated look.  However, I barely saw any linen, much less beige, on upholstery this year.

I didn’t take many pictures, but there was a lot more color on upholstery.  Here are just a couple:

Blue velvet…

blue velvet chairs

Dark gray velvet…

Fabric covered chairs

Black velvet…

black velvet ottomans

I’m on a velvet kick right now, myself.   We are using quite a bit of velvet in the Parade of Homes, and a lot in current design projects.



We all love and appreciate classic Fortuny fabric.  The price point is certainly not ‘accessible’, but a scrap used on a pillow or detail can really go a long way!  There were a lot of Fortuny pillows for sale at this year’s Round Top.

fortuny pillows blue

IMG_5813I’m not sure this chair is actually covered in Fortuny fabric, but it sure looks like it and they were ‘advertising’ the book. 


It is very pretty, especially on pillows.  I really like the ones that have the band in the middle with the linen on the edges and back. 

There is always lots of great inspiration to be had at Round Top.  Hope this gives you some insight into what is happening in the design area influenced by Dallas, Houston and Austin.  We are looking forward to sharing with you some of the products we have in the store which align with these trends in our upcoming newsletter.  If you haven’t signed up for it, email us at to get on the list!